Friday 2/03/17

This week was the first week without Daly as our gov/econ teacher :^( but  we survived so yay! And it’s finally the weekend!



Holt is under the impression that we understand forces and loops and all that stuff so he gave us the assignment to build a roller coaster out of only two materials: paper and tape! Here is the worksheet with the requirements:

It is due next Friday, February 10th and he’s giving us class time to work on it.

Us in Holt’s next week: 


House Part 1:

Since there was confusion in the scheduling of today, we ended up not going to the library, had the first block with Edwards, and the other with Holt. We expressed our concerns to Edwards and (also thanked her for extending our due date for our I-Search Part 1 and actually having real due dates and clear explanations for her components) tried to determine what the actual components and due dates for Capstone were. This is what we got:

House Part 2:

Holt clarified that our experiment doesn’t need to be tied in with our essential/initial question, just as long as it concerns our topic. He also gave us a progress worksheet to fill out asking what exactly our experiment was, how we were going to do it, what materials we needed, etc.

The due date has not changed and will still be due on February 24th. Even though Edwards told us not to procrastinate, many of us still will, but we have our reasons. The senior class mentality summarized in one meme: 



  • Piggott: 5 questions
  • DALY :^( / La Russa / ??: Lesson 9.1 notes (1 page minimum)
  • Holt: Finish worksheet he gave us on Wed., work on experiment 
  • Edwards: Work on narrative


  • Click here for Edwards’ Narrative guidelines (Due in 1 week! Friday, Feb. 10)
  • Click here for Holt’s experiment component (jk here)
  • Valentine’s Day Grams will be sold in the morning and during lunch next week
  • Buy toasted/buttered croissants and hot chocolate for $1 each from Diversity Club Wednesday morning and watch Selma with them during lunch

If you decide to do all the homework Monday morning then this is for you crazy kids:


But for the rest of us:deb7c44282e7ed2a8d3425209eae2a7c

This has been Chanel as your scribe once again.









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