January 31, 2017

Game Plan:

– Mini Lesson: The Essential Question
– Work on Capstone Narrative

– Per-Usual we did SSR for 20 minutes then Edward’s scribed down our page numbers.
-The second grade in Aeries will be our January SSR (35 points.) Edwards expects everyone to attain 5 points every SSR day. If you want to get a full grade for January you have to do a POR or Goodread’s review. The POR’s are due today. As long as it is time and date stamped on January 31, she will happily accept it.

Writing Workshop:
– There are new procedures for the writing workshop.
– Instead of turning in the writing workshop packet on a set day she wants us to give it the day of the actual workshop day. If you fail to go to class on a workshop day you may possibly be missing out on 15 points that has the possibility to affect your grade.
Mini Lesson: The Essential Question:

 Mini Lesson: The Essential Question:

Today in class we discussed essential questions.
We did an activity in pairs to differentiate between effective and ineffective EQ’s.


Here is what our class thought of:



Here is a list of the 7 defining characteristics of an Effective EQ:



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