January 30, 2017



Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • P & P check for understanding

In Class:

Today, we started class like every other Monday- w/SSR for 20 minutes. Edwards addressed a brief introduction regarding the P&P check for understanding on Pride & Predjudice. The P & P check for understanding had 20 matching questions, 20 multiple choice questions, and 2 short answers. The check for understanding had a total of 5 short answer prompts but Edward’s said we only had to do 2 out of the 5.

After she discussed the P&P she gave the class an answer sheet which we can write on. She apologized to those of you who require line paper while writing. Since the other houses were given an entire class block to complete the understanding assessment it was only fair to give us that minimum. Before the test started Edwards collected everyone’s cell phones to prevent any attempts of cheating.


Today, in class we learned about Mathematical Induction.

Here are the notes:


If you want extra practice you can do the problem in the cloud:FullSizeRender.jpg



In class:

  • CNN student news
  • Crash Course on the Civil Rights Movement
  • Worksheet + Questions


  • Blog #20
  • Narrative for Component
  • Read and take notes for Chapter 9.2

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