Thursday 1/19/17

Good Evening North House! Today was a little different than usual in Mrs. Edwards’ class. We did NOT do our daily routine of SSW, instead Mrs. Edwards explained the change of plans with SSW since grades are due next Friday. We originally were supposed to have 19 stamps in total, but it was cut down to just 16.

If you have all 16, you will receive a 95% (still an A), by turning in JUST your stamp sheet.

If you want a 100% (A+), then you must turn in and surrender BOTH your stamp sheet and notebook so that Mrs. Edwards can be sure that you truly understand the different text types.

***If you weren’t not ready to turn it in today or still not ready by next week, it’s fine, however there may be some consequences***

After our stamp sheets were collected and literature circle sheets were stamped, we went straight into our BBC production of Pride and Prejudice where a roller coaster of events happened.




  • Stamp 4th Lit. Circle Sheet
  • BBC production continues


  • Read Ch. 44-52 of Pride & Prejudice
  • Complete a Lit. Circle sheet of your choice
  • Blog #18 due TONIGHT at 9pm

Next, we went to Mr. Piggott’s class where we had to take our Chapter 6 test which took up most of the block. Mr. Holt popped into the class to give us a Force Practice Problem worksheet for homework that he didn’t give us yesterday.

Finally, in Mr. Daly’s class we were given the choice to either: finish up our presentations or to play the DIHAR (Do I Have A Right) game on the iPads. Only two groups got the chance to present today, so the remaining groups will present on Monday. Be sure to bring your Supreme Court Case Exploration sheets to fill in next week.

Last Week Tonight’s Dog Supreme

That’s all for today!


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