Tuesday 1/17/17

Hello North House! I hope you all had a great extended weekend, thanks to the one and only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Today we stuck with our normal Tuesday schedule and started our morning in Mr. Holt’s class where we continued learning about force and friction. During that rotation, we took a quick break as we watched the opening ceremony of the Sophomore Olympic Games. When we returned, we were given the “Friction Forces on Flat Surfaces” worksheet where we had to answer a few questions and perform experimental tasks which involved lots of wood and a dual range force sensor.


Next, we went off to Mrs. Edward’s class where we did our usual twenty minutes of SSR and welcomed ME as scribe. From there, Mrs.Edward’s went around the room to stamp our literature circle sheets. We then wished and sang happy birthday to Alex V. and moved on to continue watching the next chapter of the BBC production, Pride and Prejudice.



  • SSR
  • Stamp 3rd Lit. Circle Sheet
  • BBC Production continues


  • Read Ch. 35-43 of Pride & Prejudice
  • Complete a Lit. Circle worksheet of your choice
  • Blog #18 due Thursday by 9pm


  • Don’t forget to do the math homework
    • Pg. 427 #’s 1-25, 28 (ALL)
  • In case you didn’t see Holt’s board:
    • Read pgs. 43-58 in our textbook
    • Do Q’s 1-5 on pg. 57 (Plug and Chug section)
    • Friction and Forces on Flat Surfaces worksheet

And that is all for today!


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