Tuesday 1/10/17

Hello North House! I hope everyone’s day went well. I understand if everyone is still adjusting back into school mode, but do not submit to slothfulness or procrastination – only three more days left for the three-day weekend!


Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Stamp 1st Lit. Circle Sheet
  • BBC production begins

As usual, we started off with twenty minutes of SSR. After, Mrs. Edwards went around the room to stamp our Literature Circle Sheet. Finally, we viewed the first section of the BBC production – Pride and Prejudice – to broaden our understanding of Britannic society in the nineteenth century. Ultimately, it illustrated a glimpse of the book’s complex language and societal perception.


  • Read Ch. 13-21 of Pride and Prejudice + Literature Circle Worksheet of your choice (*Please do not loose it)
  • Blog #17



  • Pg. 425 #11-75 Every Other Odd (due tomorrow)



  • According to each MARS group’s designated section of Chapter Eight:
    1. Read the text.
    2. Know the vocabulary.
    3. Answer the Assessment Questions at the end of the section INDIVIDUALLY on a piece of paper (due tomorrow).
  • You will present on your section tomorrow.
  • There is a quiz on Chapter Eight third rotation.



  • Finish the Net Force Worksheet (due tomorrow)
  • Astronomy Quiz Tomorrow
    • Focus on:
      • Missions
      • Vocabulary
      • Background
      • Locations
      • Characteristics

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