Monday 1/9/17


Game Plan:

  • SSR + Welcome Scribes!
  • Whip It
    • Highlight of break in ONE sentence
  • Storytime
    • Share out chosen group narrative
    • Scoring + voting
  • Begin reading Pride and Prejudice
    • There is a digital copy under the Handouts Section (Either in Serif or Sans Serif)
    • If purchasing a hardcopy, make sure the book contains sixty-one chapters

Hey North House! So, today, as usual, we started off with SSR and welcomed the scribe (me). To summarize our break, Mrs. Edwards had us do an activity titled “Whip It,” where every person outlined one major highlight of the break. Then, she briefly went over the introduction of our final lesson of semester – Pride and Prejudice. The book was divided into six sections, and for each section, we were assigned to take on a role (i.e. Discussion Director, Illustrator, Connector, etc.) of the Literature Circle Packet. Furthermore, with our narrative groups, we shared our chosen stories and reviewed through a happy-face ranking system. In the end, Noah Lee’s story won. Congratulations!


  • Read Ch. 1-12 of Pride and Prejudice and fill out one role of the Lit. Circle Worksheet (*Please do not loose it)
  • Blog #17




  • Pg. 425 #11-75 Every Other Odd



  • According to each MARS group’s designated section of Chapter Eight:
    1. Read the text.
    2. Know the vocabulary.
    3. Answer the Assessment Questions at the end of the section INDIVIDUALLY on a piece of paper.
  • Presentations on the sections are on second rotation.
  • There is a quiz on Chapter Eight third rotation.



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