Monday 12/19/16

Hello North House.

Today we started off with SSR. Don’t forget to check your SSR grade, if you’re not satisfied you may do SSR PoR’s.  The last day to turn them in is before Dec. 31st so that they will count for this SSR month. If you complete a PoR after Dec. 31st, don’t worry it will just go toward the SSR month of January.

Mrs. Edwards collected our Writing Workshop proof. Make sure you have 5 entries because there were 5 days of Writing Workshop. Also staple your entries together and out them in order.

In class we read and assessed the narratives in table groups of 4. We used the narrative rubric to assess them and every narrative was assessed 4 times.  Table groups were tasked with choosing their favorite narrative. They then had to write a paragraph about why they it was their favorite. When we get back from break each table group will read their favorite narrative to the class and the paragraph they wrote.

That was it, now we got a long week ahead of us. The Mars government presentations start tomorrow so be prepared.



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