Thursday 12/15/16

WOOOOHHHHOOOOO!!!! This week is almost over! Just one school week left until winter break! You are almost there! Here is what we did today.


  • SSW
  • Mini-lesson
    • You can find Edward’s mini lesson under the handouts section of the class blog. You will see it right way, it is at the very top of the section and it is lists of words that can help you write that narrative that is due on Sunday.
  • Worked on essays
  • Writers chair


  • Blog #15
  • Narrative essay due to @11:59p.m.
  • Hard copy due Monday in class. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS NOT ON IT.


  • Went over math homework
  • Piggot showed us different ways to solve equations using different methods


  • None


  • Daly let the people who didn’t show proof of winning the White House in the game Winning the White House.
  • Finished the Judicial paper on our groups governments
  • Some students played Winning the White House to get a higher score to get a grade boost
  • Discussed our Preamble as a house and talked a little about how we were going to present our Government to the senior class using the Team Rocket anthem from Pokemon


  • Think of ideas on how to present our government to the senior class

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