Monday 12/12/16

Woooooo! Monday is almost over! Still counting the days till Christmas and winter break. Today was a typical Monday with our Monday classes.


We began with SSR and Mrs. Edwards told us that if we need help with dialogue, then to go into the handouts section on the class blog and look for her minilession on dialogue.


~Narrative Essay due Wed. @9p.m. to

~Hard copy of Narrtive due Thurs.


We mostly just went over homework. He didn’t have much time to give us his full lesson but he did give us his house’s notes.



~PG. 407 #1-77 every other odd


We did an in class worksheet that was due at the end of class but let some student take it home to do for homework.


~Notes ch. 3 & 4, ch. 5 secs. 3 & 4, ch. 7

~The worksheet if you took it home.

~Study for the test


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