Thursday 12/8/16

Hello parents, posterity, and or absent people here is what we did today!



  • Normal SSW
  • Very brief lesson on different graphic organizers that could help you write your narrative
  • There were 4 different graphic organizers
  • 1: Plot Diagram- more story/event oriented
  • 2: Alternate Plot Diagram- not as structured as the normal plot diagram
  • 3: Series of Events Chart/Flowchart
  • 4: Character Wheel- helps describe and plan out a character


  • Went over the previously assigned homework
  • Assigned new homework Pg. 396 #2-46 even, 52-54 all, 56-58 all


  • Watched crash course videos to help us on how an executive branch works
  • Then we worked in our Hab groups to choose an executive branch of government, the roles within it, how the leader will be elected, and how it would be applied to on Mars
  • *Don’t forget to do your notes for the test on Wednesday*

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