We started physics off by watching the teacher demonstrate to the class how electrical schematics work. He told us which switches were thrown and we had to predict which lights would activate.

After that, we pulled out the Foutan boards and were given worksheets to try and figure out how to turn certain lights on by using specific switches.


After starting off with the usual SSR, about half of the sin groups presented for the class.

The groups to present on Thursday are: Pride, Sloth, and Wrath.

We were asked to take notes during the presentations, so that we could refer to them for our next unit, if you missed any of them, I will post the powerpoints from each group on Thursday.


Also want to tenderly remind you all that not only are our Mars Habitats due Friday, we also have a debate for government tomorrow, our math study guide due tomorrow, and we have two tests for government and math on Thursday.


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