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Hey North sauce, Collin here. This weekend, as if it were a sign from the space gods, the holy trinity of Vsauce one, two, and three have each bestowed unto us a 10-20 minute video talking about Mars exploration. Since you should all currently be building your habs, these videos may give you some things to consider.

Instead of making every last one of you sit through 40 minutes of Mars facts, I will just give you a choice of three different prompts (each for its own video) and you get to choose whichever one particularly tickles your peach.

After choosing your prompt, be sure to write down which prompt you’re responding to at the top of your post.

Prompt 1: Watch this video, and then consider the importance of preserving extraterrestrial life. Is it our duty to protect potential martian life? Why is it so crucial to help Mars before we help ourselves?

Prompt 2: Watch this video. in the video, the importance of things like music and culture to the psychology of astronauts is brought up. Outside of maintaining mental health in the harsh environment of space, how is culture important? Why is it worthwhile to preserve culture, on Earth and in space?

Prompt 3: Watch this video. Is space exploration important to our species? Why or why not? What is the significance of exploring the final frontier, and the significance of putting another member of our species on another celestial body?

If you’re interested, I encourage you all to watch the other Mars videos that Vsauce has done.

Check out Vsauce for more spit facts:





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  1. Whether to relieve stress, drown out the world, or reduce loneliness almost everyone has an intimate relationship with music. Music has an effect on us; whether it be to regulate our mood, to attain awareness of oneself, or as a form of expression. According to the video, “The Planet behind your Eyes” the narrator gave an example of a man named Mr. Bedford (The First Men in the Moon) who claimed being in space was, “A sort of idea that really I was something quite outside not only the world, but all worlds, and out of space and time, and that this poor Bedford was just a peephole through which I looked at life. ” Extreme isolation can warp the mind. Humans are naturally social creatures and if that aspect of our lives is taken away from us we will start to fall under a mental trap of crazy and bizarre reactions. The longest record of space travel is 437.7 day and scientist are trying to find a way to preserve the mind. By doing little things like eating a meal together, telling stories, or blaring music astronauts can forget that they are in a little peep hole far across the darkness of the universe.

    In response to Colin E. prompt, culture influences a person’s identity and it is the invisible bond which ties people together. The way we perceive our environment, interact with each other, our language, arts, music, and habits defines us and keeps us from becoming clones of each other. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, after food and security a sense of belonging and love is a psychological motivation which humans have an innate curiosity for. Without it we can not fulfill our full potential and we lose a unique and interesting aspect of our lives. The motives that drive us, the behaviors we develop, and us as people dissipate without culture. Remember there is no society without culture and no culture without society.

  2. Prompt 3:
    As I am the first one responding to this specific prompt, I address my response directly to Collin’s question concerning the importance of space travel. While I know I will be on the wrong side of history and public opinion in this response, it is my belief that space exploration should not be important to the continuation of the human race. Reason being, yes, while exploration does advance individual societies it is not inherently beneficial to extending lifetimes, curing cancer or sustaining the ecology of the world. Yes, there may be byproducts of space exploration that help humanity, but exploration is not aimed at specifically continuing humanity. Especially, if space exploration is simply a way out from destroying earth.
    If humans are only exploring and looking to colonize other planets in order to not die from pollution on earth, is it not obvious that the same things will happen on another planet? I mean you can take the planet away from the human, but you’ll never take the human away from the planet.
    So, for now at least, space exploration should not be considered as something crucial to the human species. What is important is dealing with the issues at hand. If necessity really is the mother of all invention, I have no doubt that the human spirit will find some way to sustain and possibly solve the ecological crisis we have on earth.
    And to be perfectly honest, even after we do achieve intergalactic space travel, I guarantee that in half a century no one will be impressed and almost everyone will be dissatisfied in some way or another. Its all futile.

  3. In response to prompt number three I believe that it is crucial that we explore as a species the depths of our solar system. It seems a little upsetting that we are so dead set on getting to Mars. Our current project is based on the idea that the earth is gone or at least uninhabitable and our only salvation is Mars. Although to this day we have people who somehow believe that global warming is not a thing, that does not mean we are not hurting the planet severely. Animal species are going extinct all the time and the fact of the matter is that the only reason so much focus is placed on leaving our own planet is because it seems more likely to survive on another than to save our own. If we look at this in a more positive light then reaching farther and exploring more of our final frontier is something that was bound to happen in the rapid evolution of man kind. It seems like a pretty great feat to take one species from a completely different planet and introduce it to a harsh new environment in hopes of it thriving.

    Focusing only on whether it is important to put one of our own species on a different celestial body we should look back first to our first exploration of the final frontier, the moon. Times were definitely different then and especially in the United State. It was looked at much more of a competition than anything else when competing against Russia. Now with our current goal being to reach Mars, it seems like there is a lot less motivation and unity as a nation. Over all heading to Mars seems like it could only benefit us if everything goes well and as planned. It is still important to remember the reason now more then ever that we are so driven to reach this goal, our time is running out fast.

  4. Responding to prompt #3:

    When watching the clip “Why Mars?”, created by Youtuber Vsauce3, as a viewer I was informed on why NASA and other space programs all agree on going to Mars if humans were to participate in space exploration in order to continue the survival. The main reason for choosing Mars is due to Mars being the most Earth-like planet and all the other planets in the solar system have qualities that are extremely harmful to the human body. The prompt given asks if space exploration is important our species, to this question I answer that as of now, in the year 2016, humans are not yet ready to pursue space exploration.

    I say no because I personally believe that humans have not yet learned how to appreciate and care for the planet they currently inhabit. It is no secret that the earth has become polluted and day by day becomes more and more damaged by human waste. So I believe if society as a whole has not yet attempted to clean and restore Earth then why would NASA spend millions of dollars attempting to send people to Mars where this cycle of pollution would be continued.

    However, within the video the creator speaks about how in order to make Mars more habitable those who have been chosen to live there must create so much pollution that Mars experiences Global Warming. Therefore making the atmosphere of Mars a bit more thicker in order to protect Humans from harmful rays, dramatic changes in weather, and meteors. However, as I stated before Humans have not yet mastered what to do about the waste they produce. I personally fear that humans will go overboard in waste producing and Mars will be a planet of trash.

    My fellow classmate Romel M. stated “What is important is dealing with the issues at hand” by saying this he was expressing the same belief I was expressing. Those who currently live on Earth should attempt cleaning the planet they currently live on before trying to ditch it and restart on another.

  5. In the YouTube Video titled “Is It Okay to Touch Mars?” by Vsauce Michael talks about weather or not we should go to Mars. Whether or not touching Mars will have any effect, or whether bringing back something will affect us here on earth. In my opinion we as humans tend to unintentionally destroy everything we touch. By going to Mars we are only setting ourselves up for failure. In order to prevent such catastrophic effects we have to work to help Mars before we help ourselves to Mars. As of now there is no evidence that there is or has ever been life on Mars. We haven’t found big life on Mars but the possibility of tiny things hasn’t yet been ruled out. With such a big universe who says there isn’t any possibility for life on other planets. That being said if there were life on Mars us going there would be invading their territory. If we were to go to Mars we should help change Mars so those remaining martian organisms can thrive. Preserving the potential extraterrestrial life would be saving Mars to show it to further generations. We should change Mars in a way that would benefit the current potential Martian life and our lives as future Mars citizens. Either help Mars or not even go at all if all we are gonna do is strip Mars of its resources for our own selfish needs just like we are currently doing to Earth. As Janina stated humans are not yet ready for space exploration to Mars because “humans have not yet learned how to appreciate and care for the planet they currently inhabit.”

  6. Video #3: Why Mars?

    In this video, Jake talked about why us humans want to venture out to the planet Mars. He also talked about what would need to happen if we landed and started a civilization on Mars: Would we be the first people to live under ground? How would we terraform on Mars? Not only did he talk about that, but the machines we have sent these past few decades and how man is a better machine and we would be the right fit to explore Mars.

    So why do we bother to go out into space and study all the stars, planets, galaxies, etc? Why is the human race looking forward to traveling to Mars? It is because we as humans want to go beyond of what we have. Throughout human history, we have voyaged through the seas, traveling below and on top of it. We have also traveled through the air, whether it was by plane or a hot air balloon. Space travel is important and a travel to Mars would change human history. We travel not because we are forced to, but because we want to see what else is out there, other than what we see on Earth. I understand Janina G’s response when she said, “I say no because I personally believe that humans have not yet learned how to appreciate and care for the planet they currently inhabit.” but humans have wasted so much from this world and our goal on Mars is to continue the human race in a much more improved and clean way. If we continue it here on Earth, we would be throwing away the next generation’s life because this world is so broken that we can just start fresh on Mars. I also disagree with Janina G. when she said, “…humans are not yet ready to pursue space exploration.” because other countries have doubted us, as well as people, but regardless we have came up on top and proved many wrong.

    In conclusion, space travel is important because we want to continue this adventure of learning and doing things we would not imagine of doing. We have traveled through the seas and clouds and I feel that traveling through the stars and planets is the next task. We have traveled to and back from the moon, so there should be no barrier of us wanting to travel to Mars. Many doubted that going to the moon was impossible, but we were able to do so. We want to travel to Mars because we want to extend the existence of the human race. Regardless if we decide to change the ways we live here on Earth, isn’t that kind of too late?

  7. Prompt 3:

    The video, “Why Mars?” describes the fascination people have of going to the Red Planet. It explained all the plans of going to Mars along with each of the projects and missions that have both failed and successfully made it to mars. No other planet is currently capable to sustain human life besides Mars. Other planets are either too hot, too cold, too far away, or are not a qualified environment close enough to Earth’s atmosphere.

    I agree with Joshua L.’s view that, “Space travel is important and a travel to Mars would change human history. We travel not because we are forced to, but because we want to see what else is out there, other than what we see on Earth.” Human beings are meant to explore and discover beyond our means and capabilities. We are a species that need challenges to be solved. Humans have traveled all over the world, as we explore oceans, discover new species, and basically just uncover the world around us. Our time on Earth is running out. As time passes, it will not be a planet we can call our home anymore. The more space exploring we do, the more chances we have at surviving as a species. Our species is a mixed blessing.

    The significance of exploring our final frontier is to further our understanding of life in the solar system and what it has to offer for us. It is also to find another habitable home for humans, as we are destroying the Earth constantly. As Jake Roper from the video states, “T he significance of space exploration is that the mysteries being uncovered would be revolutionary and world changing.” as this is seen as our chance to keep doing and unlocking the unimaginable. We need to send another member of our species to Mars to conduct experiments much more rapidly and impactful than the robots we currently have over there. The atmosphere of Mars needs to be tested to ensure that human life can have a chance when we outlive Earth. We cannot just sit and wait around, time is ticking.

  8. Prompt 3

    In “Why Mars?” the Vsauce team completes their trilogy of videos regarding the Red Planet. “Why Mars?” narrated by Jake gives us a history lesson of human exploration into space. He details the significance of each rover Earth has sent into space. Mars is the only planet rovers can currently excavate, because of its environmental conditions. Besides furthering understanding life, Jake believes Mars exploration would lead to advancements in other fields.

    While I don’t agree with going to Mars, I do see the importance of exploring space. Jake mentioned the manned moon mission required extensive innovations to be possible. Solar panels and artificial limbs were first invented for NASA. These technologies were later sold and commercialized. The cause of these inventions was a desire to explore. Inventions being a byproduct of exploration make it important to our species. My spoiled life on Earth relies on many inventions that were first created for exploration to celestial bodies. I get excited just thinking about what a Mars manned mission could invent and how it could make my life easier.

    Besides my selfish desires, putting a man on celestial planets could help us understand if there was life on that planet. It may be a long shot but the possibility of life could be beneficial to the human species. Martian organism may serve as cures to terminal diseases like cancer. The significance of cures could save millions of lives.

    My one concern aligns with the opinions expressed by the comments of my peers. Are we going to Mars, because Earth is done for? If so what does that say about us as a species. Mars exploration to me is people unwilling to confront the issues they have created on this planet. The ideology that we can destroy and just move on is inconsiderate. I agree with Janina that we should “attempt to fix the problems we have created on Earth.” Attempting to live sustainably and clean would be good practice for Mars if even after trying to fix Earth we can’t save it.

  9. As the prompt states that culture helps maintain the mental health of the the astronauts in the harsh environment of Mars. Aside from that keeping it preserved is important because the new generations made up of our grandchildren and their grandchildren should be able to look back on the things that brought us together as a society. As we have been able to look back upon our forefathers and see the way we as Americans have formed and grown. It is important for our future to be able to look back and see all the accomplishments we have had in order for them to be where they are. Althea said in talking about the importance of our culture, “Without it we can not fulfill our full potential and we lose a unique and interesting aspect of our lives.” The part about losing a unique and interesting aspect of our lives was something that I felt strongly about because it is completely true. If we do not continue to pass down our culture for future generations to study there will be a divide in what they are and where they came from.

  10. Prompt 3:
    Space exploration is a lot more important than it seems. Us humans, are basically killing Earth, in maybe 100years, humans will not be able to live on Earth anymore.Chemicals will eventually cover the air, garbage will be everywhere, global warming, etc. Space exploration is important because we need to figure out where else we can keep the human race alive. As for the significance of exploring the final frontier, we have took chances before. We have explored things we know nothing about here on Earth. We have gone to the moon. Exploring Mars is something that the human race will eventually do in the future, why not do it now?

    In the video, Jake quotes Benjamin Franklin speaking about the first air ballon flight. He says, “What use is a newborn baby? It is a beginning, it is the first step that turns into something greater.” I agree with that because in that time, that little air ballon flight was so life changing and so different. We could be doing the same. Us going to Mars and exploring Space in general would be so revolutionary.

    I disagree with Janina when she says, “… humans have not yet learned how to appreciate and care for the planet they currently inhabit.” I think the human race is ready. We can not only learn far beyond our intelligence here on Earth, we could also learn from our mistakes. I also believe that there is way too much damage here on Earth and a lot of people either don’t care or don’t know how bad Earth really is and when people finally realize that it’s happening, it will be too late.

  11. Prompt #1
    I believe it is our duty to do our best to protect potential life on Mars. If there is life on Mars we need to preserve it. We need to make sure that we do not contaminate Mars and accidentally wipe out life on Mars. It is important that we as a human species preserve life because it is the right thing to do if you are going to another planet. Mars did not ask humanity to journey there and that is why we have to protect the life already there if any. I believe we must take the same precautions we would take to protect life on Earth. I also think it is important to preserve life on Mars so that we learn everything we can from Martian life, which may revolutionize the way we think of life.

    I agree with Michael, when he says a good way to preserve life would be to establish parks on Mars. Parks would be an excellent way because then future generations could see and experience Martian life. Humanity then would at the same still be able to build on Mars and extract materials, while still protecting Martian life.

  12. Prompt 2
    During the video by Vsauce, he talks about the different things that astronauts go through while they are out in space. One of the major problems they go through is a sense of distance from the world and that can really drive a person crazy. Knowing that you are far away from people and the different things that make a person a person takes a toll on them. Culture is important to keep while up in space due to the ties that an astronaut may have. Being in a culture gives a person a sense of unity and can make them feel as if they aren’t alone. While up in space, they are alone within a vast dark space. Being able to follow the things that are intertwined with their culture, it makes them feel as if they are home. Preserving it up in Mars can help the transition between Earth to Mars. “Extreme isolation can warp the mind”, is a great choice of words said by Althaea. While this is true, preserving the different cultures can help many different people who may become lost within their own selves.

  13. Prompt 3:

    After watching the video “Why Mars?” created by YouTuber Vsauce, I believe that space exploration, although it seems important in theory, is not entirely important in benefiting humans. As we have seen from prior blog assignments, humans have a pattern of destruction that is going to eventually cause more damage than we have already done. The problem with this situation is, people are already looking ahead to further our species on other planets when we still have Earth and we still have not solved the problems we have caused on Earth. Although space exploration and colonizing Mars are the go to solutions to our problem right now, the only thing that will change is the setting in which we continue our destruction. Like Romel had stated in his post, “Yes, there may be byproducts of space exploration that help humanity, but exploration is not aimed at specifically continuing humanity. Especially, if space exploration is simply a way out from destroying earth.”, which I believe is true. We can move all we want but essentially we are just running away from the problem at hand, that problem being the nature of us humans on Earth. In the end, space exploration is certainly a good idea but if we cannot solve our problems here on Earth first and change our ways, inhabiting another planet just to destroy it is not the way to go.

  14. Prompt #3

    Space exploration is very important to our species, especially in this crucial time where we have used up most of our resources and are in dire need of a new home with plenty of resources. I believe that since we as humans got ourselves into this situation we have to work our out of it. As mentioned in the video, some resources have been found on mars to sustain life, and that is only what the rovers have found; we have only yet scratched the surface.
    I agree with Jaydalynn as she mentioned, “Our time on Earth is running out. As time passes, it will not be a planet we can call our home anymore. The more space exploring we do, the more chances we have at surviving as a species. Our species is a mixed blessing.” We have to take advantage of the time we have left on earth and seek out other options just in case the day where we no longer have earth comes.

  15. Prompt 1

    As the human species has become more knowledgeable of the planetary system, and has realized that Mars is a planet with environmental conditions relatively adaptable for human life, the idea of colonization is inevitable. The video mentioned that although there has been no discovery of life forms on Mars to date, that is not to say that the red planet is free of life; it is possible that there is microscopic life on the planet that we have not yet discovered.
    When it comes to addressing the issue of colonizing with possible existing life on Mars, we as a human species should take substantial precautions in order to preserve whatever life there is on Mars. Taking precautionary actions to preserve life on Mars is essential to our full understanding of the planet itself and how it came to be.

    It is especially crucial to help Mars before we help ourselves because we cannot begin to colonize on a planet we do not fully understand. I agree with Audissey when she says, “Either help Mars or not even go at all if all we are gonna do is strip Mars of its resources for our own selfish needs just like we are currently doing to Earth.” It is true, that we as humans have been known for neglecting our own planet; however, as we start to colonize Mars, the first steps to changing that narrative would be to ensure that every existing living organism on the red planet thrives. In short, if Mars thrives, then the colonization of Mars by the human species is more likely to be successful.

  16. Prompt 2: Space is an overwhelming concept. It’s a vast void of darkness, but at the same time it’s this place filled with the whole universe. Now think of how a human sent in a metal craft with about five other people to an entire new planet would feel in this place. They’re stuck with the same people on the way there, on the new terrain, and on the way back. That’s definitely going to have an effect on one’s thoughts and behaviors. As we saw in the video, astronauts use board games, music, substitute pets, and other things as different coping methods to manage the stress they might feel in the harsh and confined environment. But besides maintaining mental health, why else is culture important?

    Culture is important because, at an extreme, it can give someone a reason to want to live. But in most cases, culture can simply to bring someone a little joy, a piece of their home on Earth, or allow them to focus on something else other than the daily anxieties of space exploration. Let’s say the aspect of culture that the astronauts decide to incorporate into their daily space routine is music. Research says music can boost hormones such as dopamine to enhance one’s mood and reduce the release of cortisol (aka the stress hormone). The release and reduction of these hormones would enrich an astronaut’s mental health. But why else is music important to incorporate? When you think of music, you usually associate with dancing. Dancing in space sounds really fun with the zero gravity and all. Astronauts goofing around and dancing in space can act as a physical activity, bonding with the other astronauts, and creating space memories to tell to their friends and family back on Earth.

    But why is it so imperative that we preserve culture on Earth and in space? Culture is something you pass on as time goes on. It’s something you learn and adapt to once you’ve been immersed into it. I can’t be accustomed to the culture on a small town in Connecticut by just being there one night. That’s something you adapt to over time. It would be difficult for me to understand other people’s cultures if I am not accustomed to it. I like the way that Althaea L. put it, “… it is the invisible bond which ties people together.” I agree with her because that’s what makes culture so vital to everyday life. Culture is what separates other societies from each other and it’s what makes each region of the world unique. It’s a routine and way of life we grow accustomed to and carry with us wherever we go. People who are from a specific area can point out people who aren’t from there because those “outsiders” carry specific mannerisms and behaviors that stand out and set them apart. It’s not necessarily bad in any way, it just shows that’s the way that culture affects people. Culture is immersed so much into people it just becomes a part of who they are.

  17. Prompt #3
    In the video entitled, “Why Mars” which is narrated by Jake from Vsauce3, discusses the history of human space exploration. I believe that space exploration is imperative to our species because in order to gain/expand our knowledge about the world that surrounds us, we need to explore it. Having the perseverance, and drive to gain a deeper understanding about the universe will lead to technological advances. Nick supports my claim by stating, “ The cause of these inventions was a desire to explore. Inventions being a byproduct of exploration make it important to our species”.

    The significance of exploring the final frontier, and putting another member of our species on another celestial body, is to discover the next step of humanity civilization. Jaydalynn states, “Our time on Earth is running out. As time passes, it will not be a planet we can call our home anymore. The more space exploring we do, the more chances we have at surviving as a species”. I agree with Jaydalynn because, this is a reality. Humans are destroying the Earth, and nothing significant is being done to save the Earth. It seems the only way for redemption is to learn from our mistakes before it’s too late.

  18. Prompt 3:
    Space exploration is so important to us because we tend to overuse our resources on Earth. As Jaydalynn said ” Our time on Earth is running out.” This is a statement that I believe in because the population is growing everyday, the need for resources are high. We are abusing mother nature and sooner or later we are going to run out.
    This is the main reason why space exploration is so important, because we are on the lookout for supplies. Currently, we have an eye on Mars because we believe there is water on Mars. We also have an eye on Mars because it is the most similar planet to Earth. We believe that Mars have resources that we need. The more we explore, the more we will find out what is out there.

  19. (Prompt 1)

    The short video, “Is It Okay to Touch Mars?” by Vsauce, highlights the plan of a new home – in other words, the new martian home. Unfortunately, Earth’s resources are depleting at rapid rate; thus, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), along with other scientists, are searching for alternative habitats – such as Mars – in which the human race can thrive.

    As of Mars, NASA is researching the planet through an exploration strategy known as “Seek Signs of Life,” where it ultimately determines the possibility of life and its potential hazards. Since most of Mars’ territory has not been investigated, many scientists are yet unsure of the possible forms of life and its risks. In terms of life, there has been little progress. For instance, according to the video, the narrator discusses about the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) program. According to the narrator, the ANSMET program “has found more than 20,000 extraterrestrial rocks.” The first meteor found, known as ALH84001, was believed to originate on Mars. Twelve years after its discovery, scientists uncovered what seemed as microscopic fossils, proving the possible existence of life on Mars. In terms of risks, no progress has been made. Scientists are uncertain of the potential perils and illnesses.

    As a result, it is imperatively crucial to help Mars before helping the human species. I strongly agree with Alexandra V. when she mentioned, “It is true, that we as humans have been known for neglecting our own planet…” Humans have been very careless and irresponsible for the protection and conservation of this planet. But, then again, it is part of human nature: destroy; consume; dispose. Hence, how can humans be faithful with more, if they are not with few?

  20. Prompt Three:
    If the continuation of the human race is at risk, then there is a stressed need for a space exploration across the extensive universe we live in. Just like the pioneers and frontiersman before our time, exploration has led to the advancement of the humanity as a whole whether or not one may agree with the actions in doing so. In response to the prompt, no other planet is capable or in grasp to human life. By far, Mars is the perfect candidate; while its atmosphere or hospitable environment may be a surreal option, it is the only opportunity for a new life. As you may not be aware, Stephen Hawking recently announced that humans have roughly about 1000 years to find a new planet and establish colonies or perish in this dying planet we call home.
    Humans in general seek out to their best interests and to pass on their traits to the next generation and so forth. This “final frontier” is as it is called, is the sole purpose untouched for us to conquer. Humans are spread far and wide as populations grow rapidly as far as the eye can see. The only choice we have is to find a new planet where the human race can also thrive whereas our ancestors once did before us. The magnitude of this scale is immeasurable as space remains the last “mountain” to climb. The significance is simple: find a hospitable planet for humans to live on. With colonization comes exploration and not only would we establish growing colonies on unnamed planets, we would be the “pioneers” of an untamed wilderness much like our forefathers. The way I observe this concept is by we, as a species, are the new and modernized settlers and the frontier is a new chapter of insight in exploration such as the Oregon Trail and the trail blazers. Much alike how Isaac S. had stated, “If we do not continue to pass down our culture for future generations to study there will be a divide in what they are and where they came from.”

  21. Prompt 3:
    The video “Why Mars” is about the interest scientists have with Mars, and reasons why getting humans on Mars is important. I do think space exploration is important to our species. As Maryela said, “especially in this crucial time where we have used up most of our resources and are in dire need of a new home with plenty of resources.” It is true, the Earth’s natural resources are currently depleting.

    The significance of putting another member of our species is to have that resource of another planet to live on. If scientists are able to colonize Mars, our species would not have to worry about a place to go when Earth is not around anymore.

  22. I am answering Prompt 2.

    I believe culture can be important by being connected to your “human” self. The way we create a bond with ourselves and other people are by sharing something both parties like. If we ever lose that kind of connection with other people, we will start to feel disconnected from others. The person would slowly start to lose their senses especially if they were on Mars. They will feel like they can not form bonds because they have nothing in common and will not feel the need to communicate with them. So I believe the purpose of culture is to share something with other people, this includes music, entertainment, language, manners, and ways people do things. If someone does not have any of those, then what is their purpose of being there? They will start to wonder and slowly losing their minds. Mental health is important not just for astronauts, but for everyone in general.

    Sifting to the second question, I believe that it is worthwhile to preserve culture both on Earth and in space. Like Althaea said, “Culture influences a person’s identity and it is the invisible bond which ties people together.” It is all about the bond that people create with others with culture. If we take that away from them then it will make them lose their mind and it will slowly backfire their mental health. So back to the prompt, we should preserve culture both in space and on Earth. Culture is important in many ways, but one of the important reason is just to bond with different people.

  23. Whether if Earth is at risk or not, space exploration should be a goal for the human race. Exploring the final frontier can teach us more about the world we live in. Searching for planets that are viable for human life can help preserve our species and continue the human race.

    With Mars being the closest, it’s the best candidate, with features that resemble Earth’s, human life would be possible on Mars. Like Kenneth stated,” As you may not be aware, Stephen Hawking recently announced that humans have roughly about 1000 years to find a new planet and establish colonies or perish in this dying planet we call home.” Why wait when we can start now, future generations depend on it.

  24. Prompt 3:

    Space exploration has long been a fascination of mankind and a mark of accomplishment for the human species. When man first set foot on the moon, it instantly became a historic moment that symbolized just how far the human race could go with cooperation, dedication, ambition, and a hint of faith. It’s no wonder that space exploration continues to be a hot topic.

    Is it necessary to our species however? In my opinion, space exploration is not important to our species simply because it does not help us solve our problems at home. On Earth, we have problems ranging from dying ecosystems to countries at war. I cannot fathom how we’ll do in space if we have not even learned to cohabit with one another and protect our own celestial body. As Romel said, “Yes, there may be byproducts of space exploration that help humanity, but exploration is not specifically continuing humanity.” Instead of putting our focus on traveling further into space, I think we should put our efforts in protecting and improving our way of life here on Earth. For example, the billions of dollars that are spent on space technology should be invested in technology that will help create more sustainable and eco-friendly cities. The day the human species becomes worthy and deserving of a planet like Earth, it will also be worthy of the universe.

  25. In the Vsauce video Why Mars?, they go into detail about the past Mars explorations and the interest of human exploration on Mars. Humans have always been curious creatures. From discovering fire to our accidental surge in population, humans have been curious creatures with incredibly dumb luck. Due to this dumb luck, we began to grow this false sense of entitlement. While it is not necessary, the human ambition has lead us to begin conquest in space. First we had to claim the moon, and then followed with satellites claiming everything the machines could capture an image of.
    The exploration of space was triggered by the cold war with Russia. Earth was not a big enough battlefield for human passive aggression, so we took our quarrels to space. Although human curiosity initiated our missions in space, it was war and competition that took us there. If not for the cold war, we might have gone to space much latter than we did. The moon landing would have been possibly decades later. If it were not for the hatred of the reds by the American people, the human interest for space would have not been as intense.
    The final frontier is not as peaceful as we think it is. If anything, space is the next battleground. While it is called the International Space Station, about five nations actually use it. Space is for the wealthy and competitive. Putting men in space is another way for nations to claim their territory. If a nation was able to put a man on Mars, they would become the supreme. Space exploration is just another outlet for human bravado.
    Space exploration is fascinating, and it would be a great achievement to put a man on Mars, but it would all be done for the wrong reasons. The interest is not in the science of it, but the bragging rights. And once humans accomplish settlement on Mars, they will move onto the next planet. It is a never ending cycle. Like Romel said, “even after we do achieve intergalactic space travel, I guarantee that in half a century no one will be impressed and almost everyone will be dissatisfied in some way or another”. It is an ugly and vicious cycle, but we must ask ourselves, are exploring space for the correct intentions, or are we letting our human bravado get the best of us?

  26. Prompt 2: Being an astronaut is not fun. While there is the thrill of adventure in exploring beyond earth’s atmosphere and experiencing zero gravity, there is the thought of isolation. A feeling that can make the most beautiful sight from space appear “as a tiny insignificant dot [that] can bring out loneliness and isolation.” If the effects of prairie madness and solitary confinement have taught society anything, it’s that a sudden change of living can shatter a person’s view on reality and cause total mental breakdown. The reason for this breakdown: a shift in culture.
    Culture is all around. It’s what brings people happiness, entertainment, or comfort in the countless days that drag by. Chanel describes it as “a routine and way of life we grow accustomed to and carry with us wherever we go”, and I agree. Culture defines who we are shapes the way we life everyday. Without the very thing that shapes our sense of self, we become isolated in a world that seems like too much. We would lose sense in ourselves.
    The urge to explore the unknown is something that humans will never come to forget as it is one clear aspect that defines their culture. As astronauts get ready to take their first steps into the unfamiliar land of Mars, so to will they bring what has nurtured them in life. Preserving one’s culture into any new place is vital to keep not only society flourishing but also keeps oneself functioning.

  27. Prompt 3:: I think that the exploration of space is important because the human race is expanding and is starting to over populate the earth. In order for our species to survive we need to expand the borders of our territory. It would also benefit the human’s knowledge of space by allowing the human race to explore new environments and possibly even continue the evolution of the human species. I also agree with rocky when she says that it is a fascinating idea to go to space. Because it is a scary endeavour and it can even cost the lives of many astronauts. But the exploration of space shall not be a mystery forever.

  28. Prompt 3

    I believe it is crucial that we explore space. Space is so vast and large who knows what we could find. Other life maybe or other planets like earth maybe bacteria that could revolutionise our understanding of medicine. I find it weird that we are so interested on going to mars. I think going past all the planets that we know of and leaving the territory that we have already looked at.

    Exploring our universe is extremely important for our spices. The more we know about the universe the more opportunities we as a species have. We have no clue what we will find in space. For all we know we might find something that could help fix global warming on our planet. I’m not saying we should put all our fate in space exploration to fix all our problems however it is a cool place to explore.

    Colonizing mars and other planets is significant to our spices. I think our planet is dying and the time to save it is now. If we don’t act fast our planet won’t be livable anymore. I think we should not focus on colonizing another planet but instead fixing our planet. Every day animal species are going extinct and every day thousands of acres of rainforest are destroyed. We as a species need to come together and fix our planet before moving on to new ones.

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