Hello North House!



Don’t forget to come in your Halloween costumes! Also make sure to bring some extra cash for the food being sold!


English (First Block) 

We started off our Thursday morning in English with 20 minutes of SSW. Then we went straight into work mode, as Mr. West was not able to come by our class to talk about Resumes.

Here are a few reminders to keep you updated in Mrs. Edwards’ class:

  • Continue working on the individual and group pieces of the English component. Remember that the final assessment will go under the Essays category of the class, so be sure to read the prompts available on the class blog!
  • Do not forget to include your works cited for the component!
  • PBA Grades are now available on Aeries! If you are not satisfied with your grade, make sure to review the prompt before signing up for a conference with Mrs. Edwards. It is essential to have proof of why you think you deserve a higher grade (don’t just beg her for it).


Math (Second Block)

Today in Piggott’s we started new notes on the Cartesian Plane and Linear Functions. Don’t forget to do the worksheets he gave out in class for homework! Section 5.1 (1-53 odd) and Section 5.2 (1-19 odd)


Government (Third Block)

In Government Mr. Daly covered Chapter 4 Section 3 on the Organization and Committees in Congress. He thoroughly explained the process through which a law is made in the House and the Senate (do not forget to include an outline, timeline, or flow chart in your notes that explains this process).


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