Happy Tuesday North House! Hope everyone is getting into the Halloween Spirit! As we continue on through the last full week of October with homework, tests, projects, presentations, and finalizing college applications, make sure to take the time to carve a pumpkin! 🙂


Here is the day summed up for our absentees:

Physics (First Block)

Today in physics we started class by going over the quiz on projectile motion. Make sure to check your emails to refer back to the problems that you missed! Retakes will be available on Tuesday lunch, Wednesday fourth block, and Thursday lunch! (Note: If you are retaking the quiz, be sure to complete the practice problem handout Holt gave us in class.)

After reviewing the quiz, we had time to make last minute calculations and trial launches for our rockets. Remember that we will begin the rocket launch tests TOMORROW (second rotation)! Good luck to everyone!


English (Second Block)

Today in English we began the block with 20 minutes of SSR. The rest of the block was our time to work on Seven Deadly Sins and/or the English component in our Mars groups. At the end of the block everyone successfully turned in their presentations for the Seven Deadly Sins mini unit. Remember that we will present our sin to the class right after the English component is finished.

Important Reminders:

  • Make sure to READ the rubrics for the English component to understand what is expected of you and your group! There are three rubrics available in the handouts section of the class blog: the Common Core Argument Rubric, the Resume Rubric, and the Oral Presentation rubric.
  • The individual pieces of the English component (Resume/Letter) have to be turned in along with a works cited page. It is recommended that you refer to at least three people in your specific profession when conducting your research.
  • The people you research for your profession do not have to be alive, but make sure that whatever work experience they have to offer is relevant to the profession today.
  • Do not use fictional characters to research a profession. (The people in Grey’s Anatomy are actors, not doctors.)
  • The Resume and Cover Letters are Due on November 3rd (next Thursday).
  • Blog assignment #9 is Due Thursday @ 9pm.

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