Only seven days ’till Halloween!

Hello North House! Here is the day summed up:

English (First Block)

We began our day in Mrs. Edwards’ class with the usual SSR. The rest of the block was then our time to work on Seven Deadly Sins, our individual Mars English component (letter/resume), or our group presentations for the component. Just to sum up our week in the class, second rotation will be another work block, and third rotation Mr. West will be coming in to talk to us about our resumes.

Here are a few important reminders:

  • PBA Writing Workshop papers were due today. If you did not turn them in on time, you can still turn them in ASAP. Your quantitative grade will go down one letter grade for every day that your Writing Workshop papers are not turned in.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins presentations are DUE tomorrow; we will NOT be presenting them, however, until the end of the Mars English component. Make sure to send your presentations to mtsedwards@gmail.com by tomorrow.
  • Continue working on the Mars English Component! Rubrics are available for your reference in the handouts section of the class blog. Pay extra close attention to the Panel Presentation rubric, as it will explain exactly how the groups will be scored. The winning group of the Panel Presentation may decide their prize, as long as Mrs. Edwards doesn’t have to pay for it. (Suggestions: Drop the lowest grade in her class, extra credit, IOU.)
  • It is nearing the end of the month, which means… IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN! Just kidding, don’t forget about your PORs! Due by next Monday, October 31st
  • PBA grades will be posted on the 28th


Math (Second Block)

Today in math class we corrected the tests and received our own test scores. *Remember, if you are having trouble retaining the material, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask Piggot for clarification.

Government (Third Block)

As we will be speeding through chapter four in the book, today we did an in class activity on chapter four section 3. If you were absent today, make sure to get a copy of the worksheet we did in class and fill it out because it is very helpful in understanding the powers of the Constitution.


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