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As we begin the week in Mrs. Edwards’ class, we will be wrapping up our Seven Deadly Sins mini unit and going into our next unit, which focuses on the fundamentals of a society. For this week’s blog assignment, you will be watching a short animation by Steve Cutts, entitled, “Man.” The video depicts the harmful relationship between man [society] and nature, appropriately accompanied by the climactic orchestration of In The Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Greig. I decided on this particular animation because I think it does a good job of blending the concepts of our Seven Deadly Sins mini unit with the concepts of a society that we will be studying in our upcoming unit.

When watching the video, consider how it portrays the society being influenced by the seven deadly sins. Think about how the male figure, representing mankind and the society as a whole, has led a destructive path for the once pure and unspoiled landscape. Lastly, consider the use of color in the animation as a way to explain the underlying message.


Prompt: What is the message that the animation is trying to portray of society? Do you agree or disagree with the message? Give specific examples on your reasoning.


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  1. The message being portrayed by this video exhibits the reality of humanities crimes against earth. We pillage, and take from everything we touch, to deny that would be blatantly lying. Our society is complex and intricate, our house of cards is delicately built on top of a pile of corpses. At the deep basis of our society there lies the processes taken in order to feed our daily necessities, down in the pits of humanity you find incredible horrors. Throughout the video shared by Alex you can see how the man ruthlessly guns down everything he comes into contact with. What’s mind boggling is that every action in the video is an actual example of a human in reality, it is deep and saddening to be impacted by these animations, only to realize it has truly taken place in our world.

    I strongly agree with the message being portrayed by the video provided by Alex. This video expresses a small portion of the damage we are inflicting on this world. Not to be conceited but Humans are the most amazing species to ever exist on this world, we have completely and utterly destroyed the natural evolutionary process. Our old, our weak, and even our stupid live on and reproduce, not to be fucked up or anything but it’s true. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least morally, but when the population of your species is at 7.4 billion and counting the world starts to have issues. At our insane numbers we consume at an absurd rate, think about how much death takes place to feed our society. I’m extremely guilty of being a part of the problem and I believe it will never change. If our society is too strong for nature itself to overcome then there is no stopping it.

  2. When watching the short clip created by Steve Cutts entitled “Man” I personally felt sick to my stomach. I do agree with the clip and the way it portrays society. When looking back into the history mankind I envision that humans were not always this way. When I imagine the cavemen I recall stories of them only having three things: food, water, and shelter. Of course mankind has evolved from living in caves, however humans have lost the mindset of “only take what you need”. Instead life in the twenty-first century is fast pace, and a new mindset has been created, “Take what you need. Then take more because, better for you to have it then someone else.”

    Thus, with a new develop mindset pollution and the destroying of the earth has become more and more of an issue. Humans are creating more and more waste than the earth can physically handle. Cultures, especially the American culture, has become such a “free for all” and in some way people have lost the desire to care. Most Americans don’t know, or care to know, where their trash goes after leaving it outside on the curb. While watching the clip I noticed that as soon as the man was done with something he simply left it on the ground to rot, and it struck a nerve with me. I do not understand how some people can continue to litter after it’s been made public that the earth can not handle much more neglect. I agree with Bruce L when he states “What’s mind boggling is that every action in the video is an actual example of a human in reality,…” and its ture. Someone somewhere just threw their trash outside on the highway, or some hunter just shot an endangered elephant to sell ivory, or someone just bullsdown nature to create a new freeway. Humans are so used to being at the top of the food chain were practically nothing can treat them the way they treat prey. I enjoyed the part in the clip were Aliens came down and began to step all over “man”, because as soon as something bigger comes along, or all the resources are gone humans will have nowhere to hide and instead live in the filth they created.

    Although, I am a strict supporter of improving the environment and being mindful about how much a person uses I do believe that humans should enjoy life and find ways to have fun. If society were to create a new mindset then just maybe the earth could be restored. As the great Dr. Seuss once wrote: “It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how,” Society must be educated on where their waste goes and what impact it has on the earth and then begin to enjoy themselves. If not… everyone just might have to move to Mars.

  3. Since the beginning of time, nature was man’s enemy. Nature chose who will be extinct and who she can put in her planet whether it be plants, animals, or a tornado- it is her decision. Humans despise feeling less than important so we decided to enter into a bloodcurdling war with mother nature and all of a sudden we are winning. All of a sudden humans developed and our intellectual capacity broadened. Man had the power to assault nature with a big smile and a “welcome” shirt and the outcomes were horrific. In Steve Cutts narrative he presented a thoughtless man frantically taking resources while reckoning every creature who crosses his path. We attacked ourselves with a double edged sword because even though we are victorious in our battle we are mutilating our planet into a wasteland filled with pollution and trash.

    How did we let this get too far? Pride, our hyped sense of self. Since humans believe that we are stronger and smarter than mother nature we are becoming weaker. We consume too much because we feel deserving and that the whole world should be handed to each and every one of us. Janina G. wrote, “cultures, especially the American culture, has become such a “free for all” and in some way people have lost the desire to care.” The smarter the human species get the more creative our approach is to depleting more resources. The video stopped and allowed the viewer to have a perspective on the damage each of us created so we can push our arrogance aside and cooperate with mother nature.

  4. Monstrous! Inhumane! Despicable! According to the short animation, “Man,” by Steve Cutts, these terms define the human race. The human race is viewed in a negative perspective, destroying the beauties of the natural world. Unfortunately, along with Cutts, I believe humans have damaged the natural world vastly.

    In the video, there was an instance where the character was converting the trees into paper. According to the website “The World Counts,” approximately, “18 million acres of forests are destroyed each year,” due to urbanization, illegal logging, and agriculture. Although the forests supply various amounts of materials, they are crucial for the existence of the human race because the trees absorb harmful chemicals and transform them into oxygen. To add on, the forests are habitats to millions of species. Regrettably, between 10,000 and 100,000 species are becoming extinct every year. Furthermore, over the course of the years, water has depleted. In the website, it states that “70% of the available fresh water that remains is used in agriculture, 20% in industry, and only 10% for human consumption.” As a result, there are drinking water shortages, food shortages, and famines. Due to these repercussions, there are the probable outcomes of poverty, sickness, and death.

    It is a fact. The human race is a greedy body that can never be satisfied. It feasts upon every living organism until complete oblivion. But, there is still hope. Like Janina mentioned, “If society were to create a new mindset then just maybe the earth could be restored.” Therefore, the human race can thrive in a new perspective. Admirable! Compassionate! Honorable!

  5. In Steve Cutts’ powerful short animation, “Man”, we see a quick glance of what our society has turned into over the course of time. The message this animation is trying to get across is that as humans, we destroy everything we touch, ruining all the gifts mother nature has placed for us. As Bruce L. perfectly put it, “We pillage, and take from everything we touch, to deny that would be blatantly lying.” In other words, society as whole is taking too much advantage over the resources we have on Earth. We take more than we can consume and it should not be that way. As sad as it is, there is no one else to blame but ourselves.

    In the beginning of the short, the color of the sky was a bright yellow, which is usually associated to be a happy, warm, and welcoming color. With that kept in mind, the man is wearing a “Welcome” shirt, as he strolls happily on his way. As soon as he comes in contact with a little, tiny bug he kills it, then he encounters the snakes and turns them into boots, and once he faces the chicken, filling it with harmful chemicals, the sky slowly becomes darker. As humans, we have progressively become more destructive. We hardly see any open land anymore as all the trees are cut down for paper. We are also surrounded by enormous facilities and all of our waste. Along with that, we pollute our oceans and sky which you can all see in the video. At that point, the sky is at its darkest point, and so is the world around us.

    As much as I hate to admit, I do agree with the message of “Man”. There is no denying how much we are harming the planet due to our own selfishness and careless actions. Unfortunately, I feel that we are in too deep to even fix the mess we have made. Humans are a superior species and we have no remorse for all the damage we have done. We take the planet we live on for granted. For example, something as simple as recycling is a small act we can do, yet most people continue to throw plastic bottles and paper into the trash anyway. Once there is nothing left to destroy is the moment when people will finally realize the damage that has been done. When we reach that point, which is not that far along, it will be too late to be sorry. All the cruel things we have done, will definitely come back to us in the end.

  6. Look, as righteous as we think we are, humans are still just animals. What are an animals two most primary objectives? To survive and procreate. Yes, it may astound Mr. Cutts that we have created mass production in order to feed our children, cut down trees to build homes, and yes create human byproducts so people like Mr. Cutts can animate on a $1,800 animation screen. But every so-called destructive force that has ever occurred has been made to progress society light-years beyond sticks and stones. Our grandfathers and grandmothers have worked tirelessly to minimize human suffering to its lowest point in history. That’s right, humans everywhere are stronger, heather and less dead than ever before! And what a wonderful job we are doing with this gift by sitting at our computers and complaining how horrible everything is.

    Yes, I know testing on animals sounds bad, but you know whats worse? Contracting the common cold and dying literally in a couple of days due to the lack of furnished medicine. Oh, but you know, I’m sure Mr. Cutts would gladly give up the cure for smallpox at the momentous gift of saving a few cows. And before you even think that’s a good idea, google smallpox symptoms and truly think whether a cow outweighs hundreds of pus infected boils.

    Grow up. We’ve never known what the wilderness is like. Sure, David Attenbrough might make it sound pretty hiding behind a voice over, but you know who really made it sound pretty? Our Homo Sapiens ancestors who moved out of the area after they realized living with lions sucked. Most of us have never gone a week without artificial light. Think how enjoyable camping in the middle of the Congo would be in pitch black.

    Mr. Cutts and everyone who could possibly even agree with his laughable over-simplification of society and human influence is simply a hypocrite. Next time you really feel so passionate about saving the earth, think about the hamburger you ate, the car you drive, the Netflix you just watched that relies on power generated thousands of miles away.

    Perhaps, you may say it is an evil pursuit. That sin has corrupted the earth and like Althea says “Pride, our hyped sense of self.”. But before you even utter the words parroted hundreds of times over just think: morality is a human invention. Yes, in the wild its either hunt or be hunted. Morality only exists when you have the time and resources available to think about virtue. But once the time and resources run out, only instinct will remain.

    I would suggest Mr.Cutts not only find a new soapbox to stand on, but a new profession all together. Perhaps something with a fun toy to play with? Otherwise, I would suggest Mr.Cutts learn to appreciate what he’s never earned the right to criticize.

  7. The message that I interpreted about the video is that we destroy everything in our path without any second thoughts. It started out all small, but then it gradually started getting bigger. Like Benjamin said, “I believe humans have damaged the natural world vastly.”

    I actually agree with this because if we see something as a threat people will immediately think we need to kill them off. Just like the man in the video that killed random animals that he saw. There are a lot of examples that us, humans, did in the past. For example, sharks. When a company made a movie called Jaws, it was just for the suspense or the thrill of it. But people after seeing the movie they saw sharks as a threat. So when they went to the beach or went for a boat ride, they started killing off sharks. Hundreds of innocent sharks were killed just because of this film.

    There are more examples, like the oil spills, deforestation, the Pacific Ocean Garbage, misusage of water, and more! We have all these problems and damaging Earth that we are taking risk to move to Mars. When someone else tries to let the public know what they are doing wrong, other people see them as weirdoes, lunatics, freaks. So our world isn’t getting better and we are just destroying it more. More and more that one day, the Earth will probably just burn out and then what? What’s next? I think someone will start to create things out of thin air just to keep on living the way they were before or even better. But like Janina said, “Of course mankind has evolved from living in caves, however humans have lost the mindset of “only take what you need.” She has a point. We keep on consuming, consuming and consuming more and what we do not end up using we throw it away. We let that go to waste and that’s that.

    If someone is denying that us, humans, act the way it is portrayed in the video… they must be ignorant about this. Or their parents/guardians have told them lies saying we do this and that for our benefit. It is extremely sad that some people do not admit what they are doing is wrong for the environment. We need to change that before it becomes a bigger problem.

  8. In this video “Man” by Steve Cutts, he shows his viewers how over the course of time we have changed and destroyed this planet. Although, some may say they do this to help our world, to make improvements in both life and society, but at times these people do not realize that it is really hurting the environment. Honestly, even though this was an animated short, there was some scenes where it just blew my mind because, we know these things happen, but the way he depicted it and showed it to be that simple was just too much and too crazy.

    After watching this video, it reminded me of song “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson where he expresses his thoughts on what we have done to this world, the things we promised which lead to broken promises and destruction, and much more. I do agree with the message of the video how we as humans destroyed so many things to make life “better”. You see in the video how that man was wandering and walking, and whatever comes in his way, he would “kill” and turn into something we would use. One thing I did not know was during the elephant scene, where people would kill them and take their ivory and use them for piano keys.
    In terms of other examples, the two major ones I would say is deforestation and like Karen R. said, the “Pacific Ocean Garbage”.
    It is worse already to have trash here on land, no matter where you look, but to take it over to the seas and kill life in the waters as well is ridiculous.

    Given these points, I do agree with Jaydalynn B. when she said, “There is no denying how much we are harming the planet due to our own selfishness and careless actions.” because it is true that we do not think about the things we do because we do it only for ourselves. People have to realize that nature will not always be there and the more we take advantage of it can lead to no more nature. The use of nature should be a resource to refer to rather than a resource to be experimented on and take whatever is available. Lastly, this generation should be looking at alternative ways to improve and build society rather than going to mother nature.

  9. In Steve Cutts’ short amination, “Man,” it gives a look at the evolution of human society and the behaviors of man have led us into our current, greedy, consumerist society. The message that Cutts is attempting to convey is that as a society, we have made decisions that have drastically affected the environment around us, which will inevitably lead to our own demise.

    The animation begins “500,000 years ago” and the scene being filled with animals. However, the second the “human character” presents himself the animals quickly scurry out of the frame. As the human travels through time he begins by stomping and killing some sort of insect. This incident symbolizes how our actions as humans may start small, but can grow uncontrollably. The video continues to portray the character: killing snakes to create snakeskin boots, mindlessly killing birds out of the sky, killing an elephant for its ivory, and cutting down countless trees for paper.

    The animation gives an outlook of how our small actions such as killing some sort of insect can lead to behaviors that cannot be controlled and that the repercussions of our actions can have extreme consequences. The video concludes with the main character basking in all the work he had accomplished (destroying the environment around him). In the last scene, aliens are depicted landing on earth and end up turning the main character into a welcome mat and leave. Unlike in many movies, the aliens did not take over the earth because usually when a group decides to colonize an area, it is to take control of its resources. However, the aliens left; could it be because we harmed our planet too much and there were no longer resources to collect? Possibly, it is just another analogy for what society is doing to our environment – slowly destroying it and killing ourselves in the process.

    I personally think it is hard to disagree with the message that is being projected because it’s an issue that we are currently struggling with as a society. I very much agree with Jadalynn when she says, “we are harming our planet due to our own selfish and careless actions.” However, when she says “we are in too deep to even fix the mess we made,” I adamantly disagree. This might just be because of the kind of attitude that I-Poly has instilled in me. But I believe that it is “not too late,” that we have a chance to set things straight. Sure, it might mean society will have to make some tough decisions and lifestyle choices – but we have to get the conversation going. Instead of having the current generation figure out how to abandon earth to eventually colonize Mars, we should focus our energy on restoring the oasis that Earth truly is. We are the next generation and instead of trying to run away from our problems like we’re being asked to do by moving to Mars, we should tackle our problems head-on.

  10. In the beginning of the video, “Man” animals are shown living in harmony with nature 500,00 years ago. That is disrupted when the man in the “Welcome” shirt appears and we see the squirrels on the ground scatter and birds fly away. The man proceeds to parade through the untouched landscape and begins to carve his path of destruction.

    The message the animation is trying to portray is: man is a destructive force in comparison to the powerless components of nature. Man is showing that society utilizes the surrounding environment to adapt to their needs. Nature does not have the same power; it cannot mold into the needs of humans. Trees don’t convert into paper on its own, man goes down to chop the tree and use machines to make it into paper.

    I agree with the message that man is a destructive force that exploits the natural world to fit into a mold that meets their needs. But how can we shame the actions of man? Would our society have developed into the advanced age we are in now without those actions? In all honesty my answer is no. We wouldn’t have survived and developed into the type of society we are in today without those actions. The motivation for cutting down trees, mass producing products, and hunting animals were for the ultimate survival and advancement of society. If you don’t like the society we are in now then you probably think that society gone too far in these actions. I agree with this point of view. Although these actions taken by man were for the benefit and advancement of society, we have reached the tipping point. I agree with Benjamin when he says, “… the human race can thrive in a new perspective.” I believe we need to seriously start considering different methods for survival in terms of sustainability. The transition from living in harmony with nature to corrupting nature to meet society’s needs was initiated by man. If man can do that, then man can definitely take steps to transition from manipulating nature to serve us back into living in harmony with nature while creating a sustainable and advancing environment for man.

  11. Steve Cutt’s “Man” is an animated short that takes the viewer on a journey into how society was built based on Cutt’s view point. Man: the character pops in with a welcome shirt in an untouched land. His first encounter with a bug ends with him squishing it and thrusting in satisfaction of the action. Man continues to kill animals for his needs whether it be food, clothes, or just for fun. After he’s demonstrated superiority over all creatures he destroys their habitat to create Man’s society. In the end Man has transformed the untouched world into one that’s destroyed.
    Horrified is how I would describe my initial response . I always forget how destructive man can be. My question though was why? What was man’s reason for doing all this and it came down to need. Everything that man did was to satisfy a need. An example of this would be in the beginning with the snake and chicken. Man grabs two snaked and places them as boots to cover his feet. He then finds a chicken and deep-fries it to eat. Each of these actions come back to fulfilling a human need to be clothed and fed. That, however is only one part of the message Cutt is trying to send.
    The other clause does with superiority and justification. Back to the bug, that feeling of superiority from squishy the bug gives Man a sense of authority and strength. Another example would be the bear. Unlike the snake and chicken, the bear is killed for recreational purposes. There is no essential need to shoot the bear and chop off its head. The Bear symbolizes an act of superiority and is justified by the need to shoot an animal. Cutt is showing his viewers that man always claims to have justification for his actions. For that reason, man never feels guilty for anything he does. Man’s expression through the video is pretty blank except for the occasional glares that he gives. His actions are also very swift, suggesting that he never thinks twice about what he is doing. Nowhere does he look back to see what he has done. Again, because man feels superior and has justification for every need he doesn’t give a second thought of guilt for his actions.
    The overall message is society(Man) feeling superior and using that to justify every need we want to satisfy no matter what it takes. I agree with the message but I also believe “Man” is very satirical and does not give credit to the good reasons society has for man of its actions. I agree with Romel when he says “Cutt’s should appreciate what he’s never earned the right to criticize.” Cutts proclaims that everything society does is evil and inhuman, but what about animal testing for vaccines to prevent epidemics of the worst diseases? Not all society’s needs are rooted in evils.

  12. The message that is portrayed in Steven Cutts’s animation is that, humanity as a society and a whole has ruined the beauty in nature. Out of the seven deadly sins, some are viewed much more strongly than others. Greed is shown everywhere in the video due to the desire to want materialistic things that come from nature. Gluttony is shown by the killing of lambs to eat and of cows and chickens to make industrial fat fried food. Envy is shown by the wanting snakes for their skin or a seal for their fur to make a coat. Lust is shown in a different way but is like envy is. Pride is seen in the character when he keeps waving his magical wand and then the aliens come and give him what he deserves. Sloth is shown when he just sits in his king chair on top of the pail of garbage and wrath is shown when he kills all nature just so mankind can live. Out of all the examples that are listed, I do believe that everything in the video is correct. The way that mankind has treated themselves like top dog is way out of line and sooner or later they are going to have a rude awakening. Animals can and do have the power to come out on top of the food chain. The only reason as to why they haven’t, I believe, is because we have weapons that can harm them. Without our weapons, we are basically uses against them. I’d also like to agree with Jaydalyn when she said, “Society as a whole is taking too much advantage over the resources we have on Earth. We take more than we consume”. She is correct. The way Earth is slowly dying due to our actions, it is only a matter of time till we run out of our resources. Even though mankind has caused this destruction, mankind can bring the Earth back to life. Slowly but it can happen. It is just going to take a lot of work to come together as a society and work towards the replenishment of the Earth.

  13. 396 years ago, much of the continental United States were blanketed in pristine old-growth forests ranging from coast to coast with exception of the Great Plains region. Jumping ahead to modern America, six percent of virgin forest remain thanks to the expansion of the logging industry. Unmistakably, the short production of, “Man,” by Steve Cutts, vividly illustrates the large-scale destruction of the planet; originating from the evolution of the first human beings to desolation of Earth. Although hugely exaggerated, it takes one to question, what would be the outcome of our actions?
    Throughout the scene, the usage of colors is rampant, primarily black, yellow, and black. Yellow and white, from my perspective, is engrossed with nourishment, life, and peace. In the beginning, yellow and white are showed repetitively up until the existence of man. As the video progresses, the lively and vibrant colors soon diminish as gray and black take its place due to Man’s egotism and arrogance. Gray and black roughly symbolize death and despair as it is evident in the background of the video. When gazing upon the colossal garbage towers, it recalled a similar scenario, most notably, WALL-E. Just like the film, Man witnesses his creation of doom and bears the full weight of his wrath upon the planet.
    As Rommel had addressed his argument,”And what a wonderful job we are doing with this gift by sitting at our computers and complaining how horrible everything is,” I completely agree with the fundamental idea shared. If we did not commit the things we would have done, how would you be writing this blog response? If you show guilt and remorse for five minutes just from viewing this video, then you are a deceiver. If you truly express remorse, do something to fix the errors of the planet instead of making a $2000 video bickering. As Bruce L. had stated, ” I’m extremely guilty of being a part of the problem and I believe it will never change,” it is in fact, not true and I do not agree. Never undervalue the capabilities of yourself and the effects it can bring. Oddly enough, we as humans tend to respond to imminent threats at the last possible second. Only then, can we solve together this near- extermination of ourselves and the planet we live in. Moreover, I slightly agree on the message Cutts conveys to his affected audience. This climate change is somewhat more of a positive note; only the threat of something horrific would bring humans to the path of avoiding a total annihilation even if it means to bear the consequences of what we created.

  14. In the video, “Man,” by Steve Cutts, he depicts how man has evolved over time. In the beginning of the video man is shown as this curious and friendly person, the sky is bright yellow, and the animals are smiling. In the first encounter with the bug, the man squashes it and celebrates at his accomplishment; the man seeing that there was no punishment takes this as positive reinforcement, he sees his action as appropriate behavior, therefore he can do anything he wants. As the video progresses, those once smiling animals become sad and fearful, the pretty yellow sky becomes dark grey, and the world is vandalized.
    The message that the animation is trying to portray of society is that man is responsible for the destruction of the earth. Man is shown as this heartless creature that does everything for themselves. I believe Jaydalynn says it best, “Once there is nothing left to destroy is the moment when people will finally realize the damage that has been done. When we reach that point, which is not that far along, it will be too late to be sorry.” I agree with the message and with Jaydalynn because Man does everything for his own benefit, and does not take into consideration the consequences until everything is irreversible.

  15. The message that the animation is trying to portray of society is that people/ society take a lot of things for granted and that we tend to think we rule over everything. Us humans like to think that we can do whatever we want. like when it comes to eating and treating animals. The video shows a man eating every animal in sight like cows and chickens and whatever he doesn’t eat, he uses as an accessory. I personally agree with this message because many people do act that way and many companies do as well. There has been videos where companies that make chicken nuggets are careless about their animals and make them suffer. There is also a video that went viral about a woman who posts videos on youtube recording herself torture animals like dogs and cats just for fun. A lot of people take the things we have for granted and manipulate it as well. As the video progresses everything gets darker and scarier in a way and it shows that the man’s actions have caused unhappiness and fear.
    I agree with Maryela when she says, “The message that the animation is trying to portray of society is that man is responsible for the destruction of the earth.” It shows how people are and how they act and how it can have a huge affect on other people and animals and environment as well.

  16. In the video titled “Man” by Steve Cutts I believe the message is that as a society we have destroyed all that mother nature has provided. We have taken all of earth’s resources and used them solely for personal use. We have killed insects, animals, the ocean, and the trees. All for what? So we can have a nice fur coat, snakeskin boots, chicken with more meat, or a plethora of paper? All of that is unnecessary. We as a society are like mosquitoes, we have sucked the earth dry. Only we don’t drain the earth for our survival we drain it for selfish purposes, out of want and not need. As Jaydalynn put it perfectly “We take more than we can consume, and there is no denying how much we are harming the planet due to our own selfishness and careless actions.” We have ruined the forests to build crowded cities and factories that experiment on animals and it’s all not needed. One of these days we will cause an animal to go extinct, which will then cause a chain reaction and all animals will go extinct, then what? We will be the cause of our own extinction. We have created a wasteland of our own making. We either stand on it and own up to it, or we deny it and all die.

  17. In the short animation entitled “MAN” by Steve Cutts, displays how the human race is destroying the Earth. The Earth has been around for approximately 4.5 billion years while, humans have only been around for a few thousand years. Although humans have lived on Earth for such a short amount of time, we have still managed to produce massive amounts of damage to the environment. Humans brought destruction into a world that once lived in harmony. This is the message that the animation is trying to portray of society, and I could not agree more with it. This is a major issue that needs more attention because, we are slowly killing the planet by overfishing the oceans, killing habitats, excessive greed, deforestation, etc. It is unfair that we are ruining the planet that allows us to live, and thrive.

    In the animation, the man who represented the human race, crowned himself the “king” of the Earth as he devastated everything in sight. This represented how humans are the most dominate species; therefore, there is nothing to stop humans from the path of total destruction. Bruce supports my claim by stating, “Humans are the most amazing species to ever exist on this world, we have completely and utterly destroyed the natural evolutionary process”. Humans may not be the strongest species, but our remarkable intelligence is what bring us to the top. However, I find it quite ironic that humans are one of the most intelligent species, yet we act ignorant to what we are doing to the planet. The man in the animation did not seem to not care, or even realize the amount of damage he was doing to the environment. It was almost as though he was in his own little world, without care in sight. I feel this accurately represents a good majority of the human race, including myself. Sometimes I fail to realize that there are bigger problems in the world, and my minor first world problems do not matter. In order for improvement we need to start being more mindful about the world around us, and make changes in our daily life for the sake of the planet.

  18. After watching the short video, “Man” by Steve Cutts, I was extremely disturbed, not just because of the video, but because it was mostly true in the fact that we as humans do whatever we want. This video is portraying man as an invasive species by coming to a new land as foreigners and changing everything in it causing the environment harm. An example in the video of this is what the man is wearing. The man who represents society, is wearing a shirt that says welcome, but the man is the one who is new to the land. In that type of situation the land essentially, should be welcoming the man, but instead the man is welcoming himself suggesting that man as a society is entitled and expects everything else to fall at his knees saying, “Welcome to my new land,” where in fact the animals and ecosystem were there way before him. This video is portraying society as self-centered, heartless, and entitled. But there are two sides to every story. What this video doesn’t show is all the people who try as best they can to stop too much destruction from happening. The video doesn’t show all the volunteers and people trying to change it and make up for it. The video also portrays society as a mad-happy guy who doesn’t care what he does and is doing it for fun, which to an extent is true, that some people don’t care, but nobody is definitely doing those things for fun. Many of the things that we have done was to survive and thrive just like what everything else tries to do. I agree with Chanel when she says, “The motivation for cutting down trees, mass producing products, and hunting animals were for the ultimate survival and advancement of society.” We as a society wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t do all those things, but we could have gone about it differently.

  19. The video is clearly portraying the mindless devastation caused by the human race. The way that man goes and converts living organic material to consumable products is like clockwork. To which, I absolutely agree. Humanity has caused the most destruction to this world, no one can deny that. However, humanity is capable of truly wonderful things as well. Our species is the greatest changing force to be introduced to the circle of death and life. Our existence, and everything that we have changed has gone by in a cosmic blink of the eye. The way it is now, things are in our hands, but that will not always be the case. When we are dead and gone, and wiped off the face of the planet, all of the destruction in our wake will be forgotten, and eventually healed. Worrying about it is futile, just as trivial as running from death. The only reason we feel guilt for our success(?) as a species is because our superiority complex is being expressed in a different way. As Romel brought up “morality is a human invention.” Surprise surprise, so is guilt. The way I see it, humanity as a whole will not stop until it is already too late. There is little that any of us can do but sit back and let humanity damn themselves with the 6th mass extinction. Enjoy the show, ladies and gents.

  20. The video, “Man” by Steve Cuts is about what mankind has done to the world. The video takes the audience through different stages of life, from the very beginning of human existence to now. The message that the animation is trying to portray is that, from the beginning man has been destroying nature and its beauty.

    I do agree with the message because humans do what they feel is needed to thrive in this world. As Chanel says, “Man is a destructive force that exploits the natural world to fit into a mold hat meets their needs.” For example, when the video first starts the man crushes a ladybug that was at peace. This example comes to show that humans’ first instinct is to destroy. Steve Cuts, the creator of the video uses ethos throughout the whole video, to convey to his audience that humans are destroying the precious planet we live on. Near the end of the video the man wearing the “Welcome” shirt is shown to be sitting on top of a landfill on a throne. The landfill represents what the world will become, if nothing is changed.

  21. MAN is truly a corrupt society. The animator seemed fixed on that evil image of man which only got worse with time. Man’s corruption was not only noticeable through his actions against nature, but also through the devastation left in his path as a result. This domino effect of chaos started after the man’s discovery of a bug which resulted in its death. His joyful grin as a result of that action sparked a lust in him to see how far he could go. Society embraces this lust when making new discoveries in the world. It sparks the desire to explore the possibilities; or in this film’s case, to hunt.
    MAN views the world as his playhouse. He believes that the world should revolve around himself. This sense of superiority in the world is what gives him the self proclaimed right to shot this bird and use a chicken as a basketball without any consequences. The disgusting scene where the man was happily declaring himself king above the remains of nature illustrated the result of the man’s greed to use everything and anything for his own benefit. As Bruce summed it up: “down in the pits of humanity you find incredible horrors.”
    While it is true that MAN is corrupt, the animator was wrong in his idea that all of MAN are corrupt. His hasty generalization focused on the worst actions of the worst people. The message failed to regard the people that are calling for change against these evil actions shown in the video. Unlike the video, the world is not all bad. Certain people do act out on greed and lust without thinking of their actions on the world but, there will always be others out there to fix those actions.

  22. While watching the short clip created by Steve cutts titled “Man” I felt angered. I believe the message the animation is trying to say about society is how selfish and destructive mankind is. Bruce L said it perfectly “We pillage, and take from everything we touch, to deny that would be blatantly lying” We as a society are being selfish and are taking advantage of mother nature’s resources.

    I strongly agree with the message in this video. This video shows how extensive the damage we are inflecting onto our world. We have 7.4 billion humans on our world and as this number continues to rise so does the issues that our spices causes. I feel guilty being apart of all the problems that the short clip shows. I believe it’s not too late for Humans to change and better ourselves to help save nature. It won’t happen right away but eventually we as a society will change to help save our dying planet. Hopefully our generation will start the change rather than ignore the issues.

  23. Over the course of human’s existence on this planet, we have managed to bring it to a point of destruction that undoubtedly will be hard to recover from. In the video “Man” by Steve Cutts, his shocking and real animation shows just how destructive society is and how much damage we have done. Cutts’s video puts into perspective the effects of our actions on this earth that have led us to this sad reality.

    I strongly agree with the message the video portrays for many reasons. The video did a good job of expressing some of the ways society has ruined the earth but it doesn’t show them all. This goes to show how extensive and serious our problems really have become. It is very easy to to see that society as a whole has contributed in some way or another to the destruction of our world. Whether it is in minor ways like maybe consuming a cheeseburger, or in major ways such as deforestation, it all has its own negative effects.

    Like the video depicted, there are so many ways humans have used their vast capabilities for harmful and blatantly wrong purposes. From filling our oceans with toxic chemicals, to shooting everything in sight, to destroying wildlife for the sake of a trophy, in the end all of these actions have reactions. Although they may not be reactions we like, we are going to have to deal with them one way or another for the sake of existing and future generations. Even though we are the cause of this issue, we can be the ones to fix it as well. Cassie states it perfectly by saying “In order for improvement we need to start being more mindful about the world around us, and make changes in our daily life for the sake of the planet.” If society works together to improve upon past mistakes, we can turn around the outcome of our careless actions.

  24. The message behind the video was obvious that since the beginning of time society, in the video one man representing everyone, only leaves destruction in their path. From killing animals, polluting the environment, and even genetically modifying a chicken in order to make into a bigger meal. Also clearly depicted is how man strives for power at the end of the video the man is sitting on top of all the garbage he created with a crown and smoking. I do agree with this because if you look at the reason for why we want to try to colonize on Mars is because the earth is dying and cannot continue to support the likes of 7.125 Billion people polluting and taking over nature. Alejandra stated that “As the video progresses everything gets darker and scarier…” I find it a miracle that the earth has not given in and wiped us all out yet. Going back to Junior and calculating the resources we have left is alarming because that is something we will most likely have to deal with in our lifetime and if not us then our children.

  25. Processing of foods, demoralizing wildlife, bringing upon a writ of mischievous acts to attain higher power, overthrowing others for one’s pride; Sound familiar? In the video titled, “Man”, by Steve Cutts it showed very similar traits to the seven deadly sins we have been studying. It goes to show how society can conform itself into evolution without worrying about the consequences. Humanity as a species has been forced to grow in order for us to survive and in the process so many things have had to be compromised so we could have our lives the way we want them to be. This video I believe is attempting to show where much of our deadly sins are seen in our actions of evolution. It expresses visually how people have become accustom to believe that they need more than they actually have or that it’s okay to take whatever they feel they need with whatever means they need to do so. As that way of thinking grows people began to empower themselves with the feeling that wanting more is a must.

    Thus, in this video it shows exactly how society takes actions without second thought. People will continue to want the most of their surroundings, with most of that being destruction of wildlife to suit extraneous living. Often times we lack the ability to see the consequence occurring as our “necessities” grow, our abilities are used for bad because of lack of judgment. It interprets the causes of mass destruction in places never before seen, it begins to diminish life before us, and harms life for ourselves in the future. Just as Janina stated, ”

    I, personally, agree with the video, but I also disagree with it. Here’s my reasoning, it shows us all the naïve manners of humanity and expresses all of the negative aspects of our evolution, and actively our consequences for our careless acts. But although there isn’t evident positivity in our actions taken for us to grow as a society, there are aspect of our growth that does have a good outcome of it. I feel as though the video is focusing on the main issues of our growth, it is severely missing our intellectual growth, the process of our survival and the ability for someone to correct those issues. An example, from the video, depicts how, as a species, we began to kill anything that would move and attempt to diminish their growth, but what isn’t shown is that in the long run, we’ve discovered so much about wildlife, just as it discovered itself. Certain life is needed to provide for other like minded species to survive and I feel as though this video simply ignores the good in our humanity. As Alexis I. states, “Certain people do act out on greed and lust without thinking of their actions on the world but, there will always be others out there to fix those actions”. We as a society forget that although actively diminishing our planet, we are also building it up as well. We’re looking out for it because in the long run, we’re dependent on it for our survival and that is something this video largely overlooks. As long as we feel guilty for the actions taken on earth, there will always be someone to attempt to repair the issues.

  26. It seems rather obvious that the point of this video is to emphasize how we as a society have done nothing but damage the planet we live on. It portrays “man” as an individual who goes about a peaceful planet causing nothing but destruction in his wake. The sad truth is that this extreme video is not all that extreme in any way. Of course those who came before us and lived off of the land had much more respect for it. In the perspectives of the Native Americans all things had purpose and should be used to their fullest potential. When killing an animal all things that could be used were, leaving little to waste. As time progressed man became much more close minded in that we take what we want and leave the rest to rot. The animator of this video definitely believes that we are the sole cause for the destruction that occurs on earth.
    I completely agree with with Collin when he states that “The video clearly portraying the mindless devastation caused by the human race.” Mindless is the key word here because the “Man” in this animation clearly is causing his own downfall but is to stupid to realize this. This idea is something that we see today very frequently. For example, if we look at the topic of global warming, it is an undeniable fact that we are causing the earth to heat up at an abnormally fast and dangerous rate and this is causing a loss of ecosystems and an increase in air pollution. Many people choose to make their own truth of it by saying that the earth has heated up and cooled down many times in the past for the sole purpose of denying their own mistakes. In my opinion I believe that we should always do the best we can to prevent the destruction of our home planet but this optimistic attitude can only get man so far and by the looks of it we are already a lost cause.

  27. In the clip, “Man” by Steve Cutts depicts the “accomplishment” of mankind, such as destroying wildlife and leeching the Earth of its resources, the list goes on. Although our existence will soon lead to the world’s imminent destruction, the human race still has the power to change. Our society has become materialistic and spoiled; this is the byproduct of a modern society.

    The technology and advancements made to make peoples’ lives more convenient, causes the dependency on them and furthers the consumption of our limited resources. If the human race continues on this path of over consumption and pollution, it would mean the end of everything. As Samara stated, “Even though we are the cause of this issue, we can be the ones to fix it as well.”

  28. Steve Cutts’ video, “Man”, portrays mankind as an egotistical self centered destructive force with no time to think twice about the repercussions of their actions. I have to give Mr. Cutts props on making his video seem like the ultimate truth. Truthfully, I felt disgusted with myself and with humanity after seeing the images depicting human treatment towards nature. Yet after pondering about it some more, I came to the conclusion that though Mr. Cutts’ intent to deliver a very important message was noble, his method of overgeneralizing was both ignorant and disturbing.

    To state that mankind has been a destructive force even 500,000 years ago is in my opinion, a tad bit exaggerated. The truth of the matter is that all organisms have relied on each other since the beginning of time. We are all both hunter and prey. I think that at one point humanity understood that but along the way, some lost sight of that interdependence and began to value independence and superiority more. I do agree that methods used today in SOME societies are not the best but to say that humanity as a whole is destructive is unfair. I believe that our overall intent was not to destroy but to help ourselves and those we love. As Romel said, “every so-called destructive force that has occurred has been made to progress society light-years beyond sticks and stones.” Humans have been imperfect here on earth and they will continue to be so. Their footprints will be marked with error after error. Somewhere along the way however, we’ll find small victories which will proclaim us as worthy of being here on Earth.

  29. Steve Cutts’ animated short “Man” is a powerful video portraying the evils of man. I would love to agree with the emotional message he sent, but I cannot in good conscience agree with his pathos. Of course man is evil, we are destroying a once lush and green planet, and turning it into a smoggy concrete block. But none of us are no different from the man in the video. I am currently writing my response on a laptop that was most likely made by underpaid workers in an unsafe working environment, with materials that are being depleted from the earth. Also, the chicken that I just ate most likely was not free range or killed humanely. I cannot talk about the evils of man when I contribute to the problem.
    By nature, humans are lazy. If possible, they will find a way to get a job done using the least amount of energy possible. Before man had tools, they used their hands. To the early man, their hands were their shortcuts. But obviously man has evolved since then, and every evolution has brought new technology to simplify life. Early man did not know about leisure time, and would most likely not have the time to binge a series on Netflix. Like Rommel said, “Mr. Cutts and everyone who could possibly even agree with his laughable over-simplification of society and human influence is simply a hypocrite.”
    Cutts overgeneralized man’s actions in the video. There are people who are deeply appalled by the actions that Cutts depicted in his video. But that is why they fight for animal rights, or they become vegan to help lessen the cruelties put upon animals. While Cutts does show the evils man has done, he has failed to show what man has done to fight their own evil.
    Man’s evolution does not have to be something of a negative connotation. With moderation we can have both beautiful nature and technology. It is not a matter of whether people are unable to make these two worlds coexist, it is a matter of whether people are willing to put in the time in effort to have both.

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