Thursday 10/20/16

Hello North House!

We’ve practically made it through the whole week. One more day and it’s the weekend!

brad friday.gif

Here’s a recap of today:


Today we began with 20 minutes of SSW. After Mrs. Edwards stamped our papers, we went over some admin things.

  • ASB:
    • Scare fair is on October 28. Don’t forget to wear your costumes for a chance to win a gift card.
    • Door Decoration contest: if we win, we will get a pizza party!! Need I say more? pizza.gif
    • Free Food: Since we won the first spirit week, we will be able to get a bag of hot Cheetos/nachos with cheese tomorrow!
  • House:
    • Our house basket will be turned in to Mrs. Sarrategui tomorrow.
    • A special thanks to Rocky and Samara for purchasing Japanese items for our basket! thank you.gif
    • Also, a special thanks to all of you for your contributions. Y’all made a difference! rain.gif


  • Assignments:
    • PBA is due tomorrow at 7. If you have an IOU from last year, you may use it for this assignment. Keep in mind that we are only halfway through the first semester so chose wisely.
    • Blog Assignment #8 due tonight at 9.
  • Other:
    • We welcome Rachel Walker into our house. She is a student at Cal Poly and will be with us for 15 hours.


Math test today.  Hope you all did well.


EARTHQUAKE! Mr. Daly had us look at the aftermath of some strong earthquakes due to California’s Earthquake Shakeout drill today. Some pictures were definitely eyeopening. At least we don’t have to deal with tornadoes or flooding.

toby opening eyes.gif

Next, we saw CNN student news and moved on to a presentation by Mr. Daly. The main focus: Gerrymandering. Stay woke people! It’s still happening today!


Well that’s all for today folks. This might be my last post so before I bid you farewell, I’ll leave you with a little insight from Cher and Scott Dissick. I know we’ve all been stressed about college apps and projects but like Cher we have to come to the realization that it’ll pass. Relax. Scott Dissick did so why not you?

what am i stressing about.gif

time to relax.gif


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