Tuesday 10/18/16

Hello North House! Hope you had a great Tuesday! Only three more days to go!

dale- still have three more days.gif

For our absentees: here’s what you missed on the I Poly train wreck extravaganza:


Mr. Holt passed back our science notebooks. Then he gave us the “Practice Problems before the Projectile Quiz” worksheet. img_4569

To check your answers look below:


For those feeling a bit more confident, try the challenging problem. If you are still struggling but trying, here’s Mr. Holt’s guide to solve the problem: IMG_4571.JPG

Remember: Tomorrow is Quiz #2. Brush up on some material by reading pages 28-32 and 33-39. Though there isn’t much vocabulary, go over it. Mr. Holt may or may not use some vocab words. Don’t get caught off guard.

wrecking ball.gif

Now, if you do get caught off guard- DON’T WORRY! You will have a chance to retake the quiz and improve your scores. To improve however, you’ll probably need to get some tutoring. Luckily for you, a student from Cal Poly Pomona is offering their services and can help you with your physics needs. physics.gif

Tutoring services are offered in the computer lab:

  • Monday: 3:15
  • Tuesday: 4th
  • Wednesday: 3:15
  • Thursday: 4th

So go on in and take a seat. Git Gud.



Instead of doing SSR, Mrs. Edwards had us do SSW to make up for last week’s. After 20 minutes of writing, she released us to work on our 7 Deadly Sins mini-unit.

Note: The due date has been pushed back to next Tuesday, October 25. 


Moreover, the next rotations will be work blocks. You may work on any of the following:

  • English component
  • Hab component
  • PBA
  • 7 Deadly Sins mini-unit


Good luck north house. Don’t die. giphy.gif


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