Monday 10/17/16

Hello North House!

Hopefully you’ve all had a great Monday and if not- well congrats on making it through the day!


Here’s a rundown of what happened today:


Today was a Mr. West Day. If you blanked out on his speech about college, here are the highlights:

  1. Take advantage of him! As college application deadlines get closer, Mr. West will have less and less time to meet with ya’ll individually. So get on it! counseler.gif
  2. USE NAVIANCE. Connect your common app with Naviance. Make a college list on Naviance.  It will make your life easier. It will make Mr. West’s life easier. It will make all the teachers’ lives easier. Don’t second guess it. JUST DO IT!1.gif                2.gif
  3. Have faith in your capabilities! Some people out there believe it is their birthright to get into these amazing schools so why don’t you? It is time to change the attitude and start believing that it is our birthright too!faith in capabilities.gif
  4. HAVE A PLAN! It doesn’t matter if community college is the route you’re taking. Start thinking about the future (even if it’s a little scary). Make goals. Dream. Have your eyes set on something.  no-backup

Some Reminders:

  • Blog #8 due Thursday @ 9 p.m.
  • PBA due Friday @ 7 p.m.
  • Seven Deadly Sins Presentation 3rd rotation (Thursday)
  • Bring money for Silent Auction house basket



Mr. Piggot went over the 3.7 worksheet and review packet.

math lady.jpg

More Reminders: 

  • Math Test 3rd Rotation



As per usual, Mr. Daly began the class with a dose of Carl Azuz. On today’s news: the war in Yemen (and how it can be a problem for the U.S.), the heroin epidemic & underground tunnels, and coral bleaching.

He then gave a presentation on the National Government v.s. the States. To further our understanding, we saw a crash course video on Federalism.

Some More Reminders:

  • Do chapter 4 section 1 notes

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