Monday – 10/10/16


As usual we started off with SSR this morning in English class. Mrs. Edwards then went over some “Admin Things.”

Admin Things:

  1. Bring your college fair permission slips! (Due by Thursday aka College Fair Day!)
  2. The Great SSR Doc is up on the Class Blog. This will help you keep track of your page numbers and your points in SSR. (Thanks Scott!)
  3. Letters of Recommendation
    1. Tis the season of college applications, FAFSA filing, and requesting letters of rec. Mrs. Edwards has asked that you think through all of the teachers at I-Poly before you ask her to write your letter rec unless:
      1. You have developed a personal relationship with her
      2. You do have done well academically in her class
      3. You need a “form” letter (generic/insert name letter)

After Mrs. Edwards’ admin announcements, we finished presenting the two remaining propositions 59 (big businesses influencing politics) and 67 (plastic bags). Make sure to refresh your mind on what those propositions are because we are voting tomorrow morning! We then jumped into Unit 2. Mrs. Edwards announced that our writing piece for this unit will not be a PBA, but her component for the Mars Project. To prepare us for this unit, Mrs. Edwards had us read a packet that gave us a brief history of the Middle Ages because we are going to be focusing on the end of the Middle Ages.


  1. Read Intro to Middle Ages packet and answer focus questions.  
  2. Bring college fair permission slip



In math class, Piggott gave us notes on Rationalizing Denominators, Properties of Exponents, and Scientific Notation.


  1. Lesson 3.6 Worksheet #1-77 every other odd, #79-91 odd


In government, we watched CNN student news and did some research on Trump and Clinton’s policies/positions on different topics such as gun control, education, taxes, social issues, immigration, etc. Daly explained that he wanted us to have completed all the reading and notes for Chapter 3 Sections 1-4 by Friday. He will not have an individual test for Chapter 3 but rather a long test with multiple chapters in it. Make sure to keep up with the reading because we will be doing activities and discussing ideas and terms in class.


  1. Chapter 3 Section 1



  1. The Further Projectile Problems Worksheet for Holt is due tomorrow
  2. If your club wants a booth at Scare Fair then submit your idea by Friday during ASB
  3. Diversity Club will be having a meeting on Wednesday during lunch in Piggott’s room to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!
  4. Bring in money ($3-4) for our PTSA Silent Auction Japanese basket


Don’t forget to do-ooo the blog!



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