Friday – 10/07/16

Hello North House! This is Chanel officially taking over as your scribe. Here’s a little rundown of how Friday went for those of you who were absent (or need a little refresher.)


Today in Holt’s we did some more practice problems dealing with the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal components of projectiles. We then got into our Mars groups and built two rockets from paper and tape. Next week we are going to practice launching them into the air at certain angles, different distances, and still/moving targets.


  • Read pages 33 – 39 (if you haven’t already)
  • Further Projectile Problems Worksheet


The first block of House began with ASB announcements by Jose.

ASB Announcements:

  • Monday, October 10 is the Scare Fair Club meeting in the ASB Room during lunch. This meeting is for all clubs that want a booth at Scare Fair. One representative per club must be present.
  • Friday, October 28 – Scare Fair and Halloween Dance
    • Ticket prices: $10 w/ ASB, $12 w/o, $15 @ the door
  • Halloween Door Decorating Contest is a school-wide House Competition not a HUB one.

After Jose’s announcements Mrs. Edwards proceeded with  “admin things”

Admin Things:

  • Bring College Fair Permission Slip
      • College Fair – Thursday, October 13
  • PTSA Silent Auction Basket
      • Our basket is Japanese themed!
      • Japanese tea, snacks, skin care products plush toys, chopsticks, money origami, etc.
      • Budget: $3-4 each?
      • Basket Committee: Jennifer, Janina, Bruce, Samara, Citlalli, Rocky
      • Deadline: Thursday, October 21

It’s important that we support PTSA with this silent auction and any other events that they put on because they fundraise money for the whole school. PTSA tremendously supports the senior class by paying for our buses for field trips, Grad Nite, and so much more.  

After the admin announcements, Mrs. Edwards began to explain our House activity. Next Tuesday there will be school-wide mock elections. We are going to vote on the President as well as California Propositions. This simulation gives us practice for when we get the opportunity to actually vote. To avoid being ignorant and uniformed voters, each Mars group in our House was assigned a different proposition. The instructions were to read and discuss your assigned proposition and then give an informational presentation on it in 5 slides or less.

Presentations began during the second block of house. We got through the presentations on Propositions 51, 54, 55, 56, and 59, so 5 out of the 7 propositions. On Monday we will finish up the last 2 propositions (59 and 67) before we dive into Unit 2.

Have a spooktacular weekend North House!



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