Thursday – 10/06/16

Good Evening North House! I hoped you all had a terrific Thursday!!! Today was also Cal Poly’s Annual Hot Dog Day! I hoped you all enjoyed some tasty food! I’d also like to apologize for the late post, I had a family emergency. For those of you who were not at school today or just wanted to reflect upon today’s events, here you go…

1st Block – Edwards (English)

This was a blocked filled was valuable information and instruction! The game plan for this block was…

  1. SSW for 20 Minutes
  2. Admin Things (SSR doc, Due Dates, ETC…)
    1. For many of you, your prayers have been answered! Your PBA Essays will be due later this month, and Edwards described it as, “pulling a Hedman.” The first due date is October 14th by 7:00 P.M. if you would like an automatic half letter bump. The second due date is October 21st by 7:00 P.M. you will not be penalized for turning it in on this date, you will simply not receive the half letter grade bump.
    2. You can turn your essays in at North House’s code if you do not already have it added is, “13664036” and the password is the name of the university Edwards, Schiller, and Ortega attended (didn’t want to post the password on the blog).
    3. Please remember, you are to turn in all your pre-write materials to Mrs. Edwards also.
  3. Mini-Lesson by Ms. Hernandez – Conclusions
    1. Today Ms. Hernandez gave a mini-lesson on the importance and how to construct a conclusion. See picture below of notes for notes of her lesson.
  4. Status of the Class
    1. The majority of you should already be well into the drafting phase.
  5. Word on PBA Essay
    1. Conferences were available to have you work reviewed with Mrs. Edwards or Ms. Hernandez.
  6. Author’s Chair
    1. We concluded class by giving Josh commendations and recommendation on the work he has completed so far.
  7. Homework: Continue working on PBA essay

2nd Block – Piggott (Math)

This block was very much filled with valuable content! The game plan for Piggott’s class was…

  1. Review of “Exercise 3.2 & 3.3” worksheets
  2. Notes on Radicals
    1. See below for pictures
  3. In-Class/Homework Worksheet
    1. See below for pictures
  4. Homework: Worksheet “3.4 – Irrational Numbers” Odds #17-56

3rd Block – Daly (Government)

  1. CNN Student News
  2. Brief discussion on current events
  3. Test on Chapter #2
    1. While we were taking the test, Daly came around and checked all our notes for Chapter #2 and “Xlandia” (if applicable)
  4. Homework: Not Applicable

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