Tuesday – 10/04/16

Good Afternoon North House! I hoped you all had a terrific Tuesday!!! Today was also I-Poly’s Second Annual Club Fair! I hoped you all enjoyed some tasty food while learning about some of I-Poly’s awesome clubs! For those of you who were not at school today or just wanted to reflect upon today’s events, here you go…

1st Block – Holt (Physics)

This block was filled with valuable information and instruction! The game plan for this Holt’s class was…

  1. Informational Video – Starring Mr. Holt!
    1. In his informational video, he explained to us about a very exciting event taking place THIS WEEKEND!!! Once a year, a Southern California mining company in Trona, California puts on an event that allows its visitors to hunt crystals and gorgeous forms of salt. If you are interested in going the link for the flyer is available below.
    2. http://www1.iwvisp.com/tronagemclub/flyer.html
  2. Quiz Review
    1. Mr. Holt explained the quiz we took last week and went over the problems that the majority of the class missed.
  3. Quiz Make-Up
    1. If you are unsatisfied with your quiz grade and want to re-take it, you will have to stop by Holt’s room and pick up a worksheet. This is to prove to him that you are ready to retake it. There are several dates available this week and one next week for the first retake. Sign up with Mr. Holt ASAP!!!
  4. Horizontal Velocity Lab
    1. Mr. Holt gave us various problems revolving around throwing a tennis ball off the tables with our table groups.
  5. Homework: Read Pages #33-39 & “Quiz Retake” Worksheet (if applicable)

2nd Block – Edwards (English)

This block was very much filled with valuable content, so brace yourself! The game plan for Edwards’s class was…

  1. SSR for 20 minutes
  2. Admin Announcements by Mrs. Edwards
    1. Mrs. Edwards is here to stay! She has been dismissed from her responsibilities as a juror!  Now you don’t have to worry about her being absent on certain days! Also, this Thursday is Cal Poly’s Annual Hot Dog Caper (Hot Dog Day)!
  3. Mini-Lesson by Ms. Hernandez
    1. Ms. Hernandez instead of giving a PowerPoint presentation, passed out helpful worksheets that discussed “how” and “the most effective ways” to incorporate evidence in your essays. Look below for pictures of the worksheet.
  4. Status of the Class
    1. The class was more of a mix today! A good number of people were out of “pre-write and are now “drafting.”
  5. Work on PBA Essay
    1. The last 25 minutes of class was dedicated to working on the PBA essay which will be due very soon! Conferences are available if you would like to have your work reviewed by Ms. Hernandez.
  6. Author’s Chair
    1. Luckily (for some of you), there was no time to share your work with the class! But be prepared for next time!
  7. Homework: Blog Assignment #6 & Writing Workshop/PBA Essay

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