Monday – 10/03/16

Good Afternoon North House! You all seemed somewhat energetic which was good, considering this was quite an eventful weekend. So for those of you who were not at school today or just wanted to reflect upon today’s events, here you go…

1st Block – Edwards (English)

This Monday we were graced by the presence of our “sub” Mrs. LaRussa and Ms. Hernandez our writing coach. The game plan today was…

  1. SSR for 20 minutes
  2. Mini-Lesson by Ms. Hernandez
    1. See picture below of the pictures of the notes from her mini-lesson about constructing a thesis.
  3. Status of Class
    1. Mrs. LaRussa took the status of the class to see where we were in the writing process. It seems as if the majority of the class was in “pre-write” while there were a few “drafting.”
  4. Writing Workshop – Work on PBA
    1. We spent about 30 minutes working on answering Unit #1’s PBA prompt. Most likely they will be due in class during third rotation. Ms. Hernandez is also taking appointments for conferences if you would like to her to review your drafts or thesis statement. All you have to do is write your name on the board!
  5. Author’s Chair
    1. Janina and Alexis shared their progress in the Author’s Chair! (Yay!)
  6. Homework: Blog Assignment #6 & Continue Working on the PBA Essay

2nd Block – Piggott (Math)

This block was very relaxed but we did make a lot of progress. Our game plan for Piggott was as follows…

  1. Finish “Number Theory & The Real Number System” Notes
    1. See pictures below if you would like to copy them
  2. Permission Slips
    1. Next Thursday we will be going on a field trip to a college fair at Western Christian High School! Dr. Sarrategui passed out permission slips to go! Please be sure to return them to Mrs. Edwards ASAP.
  3. Mars Project Roles
    1. As a house, we did something similar to our “bond shelter activity” from Friday! Except this time, we had to narrow down the five roles that will get us to Mars for our 1st-semester project! The final roles that we voted upon were: botanist, doctor, aerospace engineer, civil engineer, and hydro-geologist.
  4. Homework: Worksheet 3.1, Problems #1-67 (Every other odd number)
    1. See picture below for worksheet

3rd Block – Daly (U.S. Government)

This was a very talkative and work filled block! The game plan for today’s class was as follows…

  1. Finish Xlandia Presentations
    1. Two groups finished their Xlandia Presentations today. If you were wondering what happened, Xlandia collapsed and basically fell into anarchy.
  2. Chapter 2. Section 3. Review Powerpoint
    1. This is available on Pearson Realize
  3. Homework: Chapter 2. Section 4. Notes, Study for Chapter 2 Test (3rd Rotation)

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