Thursday~ 09-29-16

Hello, North house! Happy Thursday!

Today our classes were Edwards, Piggott, and Daly. We had an exciting day today, so here’s what you need to know.


Today in Mrs.Edwards class we shifted gears as half a house block and half an english block.

• We began the day with 20 minutes of SSW on any of the writing styles you wanted to complete, whether it was narrative, argumentative, or informative.

• We finished watching the eventful last scene of The 13th Warrior. Mrs.Edwards suggested that this could be a reading choice for our PBA prompt.

• We then shifted gears and formed into our Mars groups to began brain storming for our groups ideas to get to mars.

° We thought about who we would take with us to mars to help us get there, build there, and lastly thrive there.

° This helped us figure out what our true nessecities were and what the purpose of those nessecities were.

° Each group then shared out to the class what they thought the top 3 choices should be and why. We formulated a chart signifying each category. This ended our class period for English20160929_092024


Do Blog assignment #5 due tonight at 9. P.O.R’s are also due tonight. Work on PBA draft by next week. If you need to make up the Heart of Darkness quiz sign up to re-take the test with Mrs.Edwards.


In Mr.Piggott’s class we enjoyed a relaxed day.

• We spent the period taking notes on rational numbers and irrational numbers as well as the Number Theory and The Real Number System. If you need to see the notes speak to Mr.Piggott or look at the Google doc I created with pictures of my notes from today.


If you want to re-take Mr.Piggott’s test to get a better grade you must set a tutoring day with Mr.Piggott so you can analyze the wrong answers.


In Daly’s class we went straight into our Xlandia government presentations.

•Only 5 groups were able to present today and each group that presented were asked questions after their presentation.


If you haven’t finished the homework on Pearson Realize you must get that done as soon as possible. Ch. 2 section 1 and 2 notes are due soon since we have a test coming up.


• If you wish to retake Holt’s quiz speak with him to set up a date within 2 weeks of taking the test for you to be able to re-take the quiz. If you havent taken the test, Mr.Holt allows students to retake the test in class.

• Movie night is tomorrow from 6-8 p.m., admission is free and snacks will be available for sale. We are watching Civil War, featuring Captain America and Iron Man, so if you’re interested come and enjoy your Friday!

Hope North house is having an amazing Thursday, have a good evening and stay awesome! (:




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