Hello North House, and Happy Monday! Monday was a fairly easy day and in class we were relaxing a little. Today we had English, Math, and Government.

English- Game Plan:

  • SSR for 20 minutes
  • Turned in our Writing Workshop Packets.(if you have any pictures to sen to Mrs. Edwards her email is
  • Then we Began to watch The 13th Warrior.

HW: DONT forget to do your blog assignment, due on Thursday @ 9PM. And Also Read Heart of Darkness Sec. 1 before 3rd rotation and read the entire thing by next week.

Heart of Darkness link: (I think its valid)

Math: In Piggots we reviewed our Summary worksheet(which he checked for completion). We also were given the rest of class to work on another practice sheet that IS NOT hw. Don’t forget to study for Piggot’s test on Wednesday.

Government: In government we had Mrs.Larusa and we went over the material that we needed to research.

HW: Research the government’s of your assigned countries.


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