Thursday ~ September 15, 2016

  1. Game Plan
    • SSW
      • SSW Prompt:
        • Narrative: Write about a time when you needed “just five more minutes”.
        • Argumentative: Argue for or against the idea that youth is wasted on the young.
        • Informative: What are the criteria for judging a great athlete?
    • Writing Workshop

HW: Blog Assignment due TODAY by 9pm

Piggot’s Class a.k.a. Our Rival: We did the packet that he gave us on Wednesday. Remember to do #1-29. Also defeat his house in spirit week!

Daly’s Class: Since we need our dosage of Carl Azuz, we watched CNN Student News. We also had to sit in our Mars’ group and did a small activity in class. Which was to creat a question for the whole class. Our Problem Statement is… How can we as members of the special UN Task Force aid and inform the population of Xlandia in reaching a consensus on a constitutional democratic government that is fair and effective?


For this spirit week, we sure did awesome, but it is still too early to lay back! Tomorrow wear our class color!! Remember it’s black!!



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