Tuesday ~ September 13, 2016

  1. Game Plan
    • SSR
    • Harkness
      • In harkness, everyone had a chance to speak. It was a great discussion and everyone had a chance to talk. Some of our classmates came up with very interesting questions or comments.
  2. Mrs. Edwards introduced us to a new vocabulary: Petrichor. Which means a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

HW: Blog Assignment due Thursday @ 9pm

  1. Mrs Edwards’ Class:
    • We started with the usual, 20 minutes of SSR. After we finished reading for 20 minutes, Mrs. Edwards gave each person a card from a deck. Next, Mrs. Edwards asked Mrs. Hernandez to choose red or black. Mrs. Hernandez chose red, the people with a red card had to go first in the harkness discussion. There was still time left, so the other group that did not go at first were going next.
  2. Mr. Holt’s Class:
    • We talked more about Astronomy and had more definitions given to us. We also had a practice quiz. Team Belexis won.

Okay North House, we are doing good so far with spirit week. Of course, even without asking Mr. Piggot our class won. Its a given. Lets try our best tomorrow. Wear red, white and gold! Or at least two of these three colors.


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