Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This morning we began the odd rotation due to Labor Day Weekend. With the adhesive smell gone, we were able to go enter Holts room. We had to explain to him what happened and that we did nothing on Friday. He wrote down two new pages for our notebooks Astronomy Notes and Page 241 (1-8). In the power point for the notes we saw different gadgets from the original Star Treck that influenced modern technologies. After he assigned reading followed by eight questions to answer at the end (Page 241 (1-8)). Additionally, he checked the last two homework assignments in our notebooks. Talking about homework, our Lab Reports are due this Friday. His room is open fourth block if you need it.


We met with Edwards next, and completed our first SSR of the week. If you were absent, have your parents write a note saying you read. She proceeded to collect the Beowulf assignment from the three-day weekend. The class discussed Beowulf, each table had to present a question or comment from the reading. Following that, Ms. Edwards presented a power point called Intro Writing Workshop. The PowerPoint elaborated on the different steps of the writing process. Like everything in Ms. Edwards, the power point had a purpose. She assigned a prewrite to the prompt below due Next Rotation.


Prompt: In the epic poem, Beowulf fights three monsters: Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. In which battle does Beowulf portray the most heroic characteristics? Define your criteria for heroism and defend your position with evidence from text.


Game Plan

  • SSR
  • Collect HW
  • Discussion of Beowulf
  • Intro Writing Workshop
  • The Argument Essay


HW Blog Assignment #2 by Thursday 8pm/ Prewriting by Next Rotation.




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