(9/1)~ Romel M

Welcome to the third North house blog post.

September 1:

  • SSW/Stamp
  • Read reviews/ HW
  • Continue “Beowulf”- two entries in log/ close read questions
  • Blog 1 by Friday

Today began with SSW. The topics were argumentative, informative and narrative.You are encouraged to write at least two of each topic in order to get an A. Simply writing anything you would like is not wrong, but will result in , at minimum, a B.

Afterwords, we read reviews of evidence logs. Ms. Edward’s encouraged us to discuss questions or insights. However, not many groups were eager to do so. Regardless, we were soon released to finish “Beowulf”. There are about six more pages, if you have not started reading and you have the option of completing a entry log or the close read questions. We continued to do this for the remainder of the class.

Not much happened today, besides the earthquake.


  • Evidence Log
  • Blog by Friday
  • Civics Essay
  • Piggot gave us something (right?)

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