(8/30)~ Romel Mora

Welcome to the second North House Blog.

Aug 30 2016

  • SSR
  • Collect HW
  • Read Historical Perspective (pg.12-14)
  • Discuss and Respond
  • Read Background(17-18 +notes)
  • HW: Evidence Log (Thursday) + Blog(Friday)

Today was fairly straight forward. We began the day of course, with twenty minutes of SSR, and had our pages counted. Afterwords, the Evidence Log for “World of Heroes” from the day before was collected.

Then, we read the historical context for “Beowulf”. The perspective included insights regarding Roman occupation in early Briton, to the rise of Anglo-Saxons, to the battle of Hastings to the present day United Kingdom. Further discussion ensued concerning these topics. [Note: Edward’s suggested we may have a test in the future regarding this topic and advised taking notes.]

Soon after, we began our first reading into “Beowulf” with the readings: “Wrath of Grendel”, “Coming of Beowulf” and  “Wrath of Grendel II: The Empire Strikes Back”. Be sure to complete the evidence log for both of these stories by Friday at 8:00pm, failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion


  • Civics essay Friday (Not tomorrow)
  • Readings
  • Holt HW
  • (Ancient Chinese Advice: The best time to do something was yesterday, the second best time is right now.)




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