Mon(8/29)~ Romel M.

Happy Monday. Here was the game plan for today:

August 29,2016

  • SSR- Welcome new scribes
  • Announcement
  • Textbook Handout
  • Introduction to unit
    • First thought(s)
    • Explore text
    • Do page four
  • HW: Evidence Log

We of course began introducing the first scribe of the school year: a handsome rouge with impeccable blogging talents. The first blog assignment has been posted already, so remember to send it in before Fri at 8:00 pm.

Shortly after, it was announced we will be completing all further homework assignments on Pearson Realize.Every student has already been registered. The username should be (first three letters of name + last name + 2017) and the password for all students should be (Berkeley12).

Additionally, the (MAPT) Mars Aptitude Placement Test and English Diagnostic have been evaluated already. However, they will not be available on Aries until Wednesday, due to technical difficulties. Good luck to all who failed, maybe we’ll find our true calling as vagabonds?

Brand new textbooks (one for home, one for school) were then distributed as we were introduced to the unit. It should be no surprise the unit is focused on the essential question “What makes a hero?” We will be answering this question by focusing on the time honored classic “Beowulf”, the Anglo-Saxon narrative.

Students were encouraged to give their thoughts regarding heroic qualities, and this concept was further explored in discussion. Although we ran out of time before page four was completed, Mrs. Edwards explained the assignment is on Pearson Realize . The assignment is an evidence log that must be filled using the details from page four in the textbooks.You must download the evidence log from the Pearson website, complete it, and bring it by next class.


  • Civics Test Sept. 14
  • Section one Civics Homework
  • Essay due Friday
  • (shameless plug) Feed your political hunger and check out! Don’t be fooled by bias.




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