May 3, 2016

Hello North House! This week we will not be having the usual scribe week as North house will be having two scribes for the week. Toni and I, Jennifer, will be providing information on the events happening for this week. I know it’s a bit odd.

Anyways, today we began the day with another one of Mr. Navaroli’s legendary tests on WWII to the Cold War. We received 20 minutes to study our notebooks, which would be due at the end of the block, and concluded with some free time to be left over afterwards. If you happened to miss the test please speak with Mr. Navaroli to make it up.

We then went on to second block with the lovely, Ms. Edwards. As per usual we began with 20 minutes of SSR and continues to watch Dead Poets Society. While watching this film many students were able to be infatuated with the films highs and lows while others volunteered to donate to the American Red Cross Organization. Congrats to everyone who donated. We will conclude this film in the next class we see Ms.Edwards.

That pretty much sums up the day! Don’t forget to finish the homework assigned to us that is due tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


We have homework for Pang and Hedman due tomorrow!

Pang: #1-14 pages 391-392

Hedman: Review Part 1, from Hedman’s Amazing Math Class


May 2, 2016

To begin the day, we sadly missed Ms.Edwards in the morning of our class but instead were met with substitutes from the sophomore class! We began with only 10 minutes of SSR since our beginning to our class took a while. Afterwards students were able to change their books if they began to read a new one. We began to watch a movie called ” Dead Poets Society”, starring Robin Williams. Truly a great film.

Next block was Hedman’s class and we started off with one of Hedman’s spontaneous math problems! This began with us viewing a clip from Journey to the Center of the Earth to view the scene where a glow stick is dropped from a cliff. Then as a group we were instructed to work together to find the determined height of the cliff. This lead us  working on this math problem and allowed us to find the height of an object with only time and a estimate height of when the item was dropped. We later worked on a review packet that enhanced this idea and allowed us to understand the concept a bit better. The worksheet given is to be due in the next class period.

In our third block, we viewed Pangs class. Where we reviewed the worksheet on Energy from Electron Transfer and went over parts that were still unclear to the students. We then were instructed to work in our textbooks on #1-14 in pages 391-392. These problems were then stamped to be turned in next class.

That concluded our day for May 2nd, I hope North house is having a splendid day!

Reminders :

Hedman: Worksheet called Review Part 1

Pang: Textbook pages 391-392 #1-14

This day was the last day to turn in permission slips if you wish to donate blood and were under the age of 16, tomorrow is the blood drive for the American Red Cross you will need an ID and a parent consent form, if needed.


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