May 2, 2016

Hey North House! Hope your month had a great start. I’ll (Toni) be the scribe this week so if I’m missing anything or if you have questions feel free to let me know. Here’s how our day looked today:


Since we were let into class 10 minutes late, we only had 10 minutes of SSR. That was followed by viewing about an hour of The Dead Poet’s Society. 


Hedman showed us a short video clip from Journey to the Center of the Earth (How it got more than 2 stars on IMDb amazes me) where a glow stick is thrown into a dark & deep abyss and young Josh Hutcherson inaccurately times the fall. We were asked to find the depth of the hole with all the information given. After re-timing the fall and using an equation involving gravity, we were able to come to a reasonable answer. The rest of the block was free-time.


Pang went over the Galvanic cell, oxidation, and reduction again. Then he reminded us about our stressful CAASPP testing week starting on Monday. After that, he set us free to work in one of the Chemistry Textbooks on page 391, #1-14.


  1. Bring a book for SSR tomorrow
  2. Don’t forget to finish your Nav Notebook
  3. Also, study for that test tomorrow! So you can say …




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