March 8, 2016 Kenneth A.


We first watched CNN Student News in the beginning of the block period. After, we took eight notes titled, “The Road to WWII.” Mr. Nav then handed out a worksheet about the rise of Hitler and Germany in which we answered the questions on the back of the worksheet. When everyone was finished, Mr. Nav gave back assignment three of component one. It was then free time. The assigned homework is this:


Here are the notes:

image image image


SSR consisted of twenty minutes once more at the start of the class. After SSR, Mrs. Edwards showed the class another great film example of her project. At the end of the video, the class was free to work on the project with their group. The homework is to finish Blog #16 by Friday, the Shakespeare Startegy Chart, the Macbeth Study Guide, and “How is Shakespeare revelent” project.


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