March 7, 2016 Kenneth A.

Good Evening, North House!  I will be the scribe for the week and listed below are the materials that were covered in each class.


image image

We started off with twenty minutes of SSR. After, Mrs. Edwards showed the class an example of a previous group’s project. We are still working on the project of how Shakespeare is revelent or not to the present day. We then deconstructed the EQ ; moreover, the group you are assigned to, must decide how and when to answer the project’s EQ(which is the “Suggested Plan of Attack” choices listed in the first picture). Your group must have decided to create an idea that would answer the EQ and email it to Mrs. Edwards by the end of the block. Class soon ended. Make sure to complete Blog #16 by Friday at 8 pm for homework. In addition, continue to work on your Shakespeare Stategy Chart and Macbeth’s study guide.


Mr. Hedman introduced the concept of Sine and Sound waves and proceeded to give lecture notes to the class. After the notes, Mr. Hedman gave the class the worksheet, “Graphing Trig Functions.” Homework is to finish the worksheet and hold on to it until the next test/quiz.



Mr. Pang introduced the class of the concept of Thermochemistry, the study of how heat corresponds and relates to chemistry. Mr. Pang handed out a vocab list to everyone in which everyone should know later on. After going over the vocabulary list, Mr. Pang assigned the class classwork/homework in the Chemistry textbook: Chapter Eleven, Questions 36-52, Page 322. Like before, just write down the answers, not the question. This is the homework and due at the next rotation.





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