Rotation 1

My apologies North house for neglecting my first day’s duties as scribe, I promise to be more responsible in the future. The first rotations assignments were the permission slip for Shakespeare in Love (1998)(Edwards), Blog Assignment 14 (Edwards), and pages 396-403 #1-4 (Nav).

In Nav’s class we began to watch the film Grapes of Wrath (1940), which details the story of an Oklahoma family affected severely by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.

In Edwards’s class we received negative permission slips for the viewing of Shakespeare in Love (1998). We also were introduced to our Shakespeare assignment log where we learned how to break down an EQ. This assignment log will be used throughout the Shakespeare unit so please keep track of it. Mrs. Edwards also reminded us of our blog assignment for the week as well as to meet our 50 point quota for SSR. To view your total points, there is a clipboard at the front of the class with each of our totals. The block was ended with finishing Romeo And Juliet (1996).

Again, i apologize for not upholding my scribe duties. I understand that it not only affects my grades but also affects other’s school work. I will make sure that all of my future scribe post will be posted in a timely manner.


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