February 10, 2016- Citlalli V

Hello North House!

Today we got to watch Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation: Romeo+Juliet. As enjoyable as it was to watch the movie (especially Mercutio’s performance and Romeo’s attempt at seduction), Mrs. Edwards asked of us to watch the movie not for the plot or enjoyment, but for its literary and artistic elements.  This means we had to watch the movie critically.

Near the end of the block, Mrs. Edwards paused the movie to discuss some of the movie’s recurring motifs/elements. These included:

The Presence of Water:

  • when Juliet was introduced into the film
  • when Romeo was trying to clear his head from the effects of a drug
  • when Romeo and Juliet first met/saw each other (through the fish tank)
  • when Romeo and Juliet were in the pool professing their love for each other (all while Romeo was feeling unsatisfied due to the lack of “action” he was getting)

The Clear Distinction between Montagues and Capulets:

  • Montagues were portrayed by laid back beach boys
  • Capulets were portrayed by more sophisticated and suave young men

Presence of Religious Icons:

  • through a crucifix in the limo
  • though a mini-statue of the Virgin Mary during Romeo and Juliet’s Pool Scene (based off of the famous balcony scene)
  • through the crucifix necklace Juliet gives Romeo

Some things to continue to look for:

  • Similarities between the Shakespearean play and Luhrmann’s movie adaptation of it
  • Other recurring motifs and themes

Hw: Blog #12

Keep in mind that the more you wait, the harder the question for your blog will be.




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