January 28, 2016

Good evening North house! So today in class, we took the language portion of the NWEA. As for homework, it is still just blog assignment #10. Don’t forget it is due exactly at 8:00 pm. Click for the link to blog #10 below.


Also, don’t forget to pick out your new SSR books.


One thought on “January 28, 2016

  1. Question 1
    The purpose of this piece was to let people know that to him, classes should let their students pick the books they want to read instead of just handing them a book that is considered as a classic book and make them read it until their done with the book. This topic is very sensitive to the writer because he and like many other students like to read different kinds of books that interest them and don’t like to be forced to read a book that they don’t like.
    Question 2
    The intended audience for this article would be the teachers to understand how a student feels while reading a book that they’re forced to read. If teachers read this article from an actual student they will understand why the student is struggling or why their not trying or paying attention. This article was also meant for students to relate how they feel when a teacher makes them read a book that they don’t want to; makes them feel like they’re not the only one with this struggle.
    Question 4
    The public image that the writer gives is that “If teachers want their student to read and improve on their reading skills, they should let them chose the types of books. what teachers should also do what the writer didn’t mention is give a list of books that the students could pick which will end up a win, win for both teachers and students. the kinds of feeling the writer shows are passion and really piss off to be honest. the guy really likes reading and his teacher ruins it for him and writes this article to get his anger out.

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