January 12, 2016 Melissa T

Good evening everyone. Here is the game plan from today.


  • Twenty minutes of SSR as usual.
  • Component five part 2 was collected today
    • We were able to turn it in digitally or as a hard copy.
  • Wordmasters Quiz
    • The will be the first grade in second semester.
    • The next time we see Mrs. Edwards we will be able to group up with others in the class room and ‘retake’ the test as a group.
      • It is possible to get a better grade then what you had scored individually.
  • Homework: Final semester bookmarks are due on January 15, 2016.
    • The deadline for finishing challenge books in on January 22, 2016. However, Mrs. Edwards might not be able to get to your bookmark on time if she receives it after the 15th . Proceed with caution.


  • CNN Student News
  • Notes on “Becoming A World Power” with six slides.
  • Stock Market Simulation
  • Homework: NA

Reminders: We have a test in Mr. Pang’s class during third rotation. Continue working on component six. Do not forget your stock market simulation packet.

  • Mrs. Edwards announced that the essay portion to get into a CSU has now changed. Instead, it is no longer required as long as the individual does good on the CASP test.
    • Mrs. Edwards has also expressed a want for teaching more skills that we may need in the future and does not want to teach to the test. It is always a good idea to be prepared and have plans over plans just in case something happens.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.


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