December 1, 2015 -Andre C.

So we started off the block with another 20 minute SSR session.

After SSR we then watched 2 commercials. It was to see how movements can make you feel different emotions. Commercial 1 Commercial 2

After watching these videos  we then went onto discussing the new component. Since many people were asking for mini check-ins, she has given us optional check-in dates. Only have one of them is mandatory as seen in the picture. Also she mentioned that with unanimous decision by your group, you can fire someone from the group. Also, if you want, you can hire someone that is currently alone. If you have been fired you will have to work on your own unless hired by another group. All firing/hiring must be done before Christmas Break.

We then read about pathos, ethos and logos. She gave us a worksheet to read and take notes on which is our entry #12. She then gave us a worksheet that is due this Friday. The worksheet is in the handouts section!

Don’t forget about blog 9!



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