Thursday, October 29, 2015


  • Today in class we did 2o minutes of SSR.
  • SSR check was Mrs. Edwards telling and/or reminding us that the first semester was almost over and you must have 3 challenge books read by the end of JANUARY 31st. If you do not have 3 books read that are challenge books, your grade will drop tremendously. (e.g.: If you have an AE in her class, but only read 1 or 2 challenge books, your grade will drop in her class.) Also do not forget to do your book reviews after you have finished reading your ‘fun’ books or challenge books.
  • Next month is, “NaNoWriMo” a.k.a. “National November Writing Month”. This means every time we see Mrs. Edwards throughout the month of November and the times we have SSR, we will be writing on either prompts or whatever we want to write about. It will still be 20 minutes like SSR, but now SSW (writing). By the end of November, we as a class shall turn in whatever amount of pages we wrote and shall grade them in private. No one else will grade them but her. Grading. You will choose a paper for her to grade and out of the other pages, she will choose randomly and grade that as well. For more clarification, ask Mrs. Edwards
  • We also worked on BUILD A BETTER SCHOOL. Remember, if you want to present your school, you must tell her this coming Monday and presentations will begin the following of which the project is due. Please take this project seriously, or Mrs. Edwards will hand you the rope.
    • November 2: tell her you want to present
    • November 9: Project is due and if you want to present or not


  • He went over Khan Academy and from what I remember he said he will not be grading Khan this week, but if you do it you will get extra credit, but if you don’t do it, you won’t be docked. Something along those terms, but for any questions, ask Mr. Hedman.
  • Fossil Fuel Forecast was offered to us meaning he gave class time to work on it.
    • Due: 8:00am, November 2nd.


  • He went over the Solubility worksheet.
  • We then did a lab on Chemical reactions and performed the experiment. For any worksheets and questions, please ask Mr. Pang.
  • Do not forget we have a quiz next week on balancing chemical reactions and nomenclature.
    • Quiz: Next Wednesday, second rotation.


  • Homework pages 171, questions 1-4 is due Friday October 31st.
  • Notebook and Exam #2 is next Tuesday, November 2.

Spirit Week coming to an end!!:

  • Today: Superhero day, dress like a hero.
  • Friday: Costume day, so wear your creepy and/or cool costumes!
    • This day is also Scare Faire right after 3rd block.
    • This day is also the Halloween Dance, so buy your tickets




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