Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Today we had everyone but Mrs. Edwards, the usual Wednesday schedule.

Hedman’s class:

  • He talked  and demonstrated problems about Khan academy.
  • We also took short notes on logs.
  • We took a mini quiz on the M&M sheet we once did not so long ago.
  • Finally, we worked on Fossil Fuel Forecast for the last 25 minutes.
    • Reminder: Component #3 is due November 2nd.

Pang’s class:

  • We turned in our worksheet on chemical reactions.
  • After that, he went over solubility and gave us a worksheet on it.
    • Due date: 3rd rotation, Thursday, Oct. 29.

Nav’s class:

  • We did the usual CNN Student News.
  • Turned in our homework which was pages 140-147, #1-4.
  • Assigned the next homework which was pages 164-171, #1-4.
  • After that we took notes on “Slavery and Politics” and watched a video on it.


  • She assigned us her spanish fashion project where we were grouped into 6 and there is a report due this coming Monday, November 2nd. The report is just a rough draft so she can check for grammar and spelling.
    • Sage is grouped with Chanel, Matthew, Thomas, Joshua.

It is still Spirit Week:

  • Today: Wore pink to support breast cancer awareness.
  • Thursday: Super hero day, dress like a hero!
  • Friday: Wear your costume and that day is also Scare Faire.

Components, Tests, and Projects:

  • Build a Better School: Pitch your school presentation, (do or don’t thing) tell her by or on this coming Monday.
  • Component #3 is due Monday, November 2.
  • Nav’s test is on Tuesday, November 3 and notebook as well.
  • Pang’s quiz is on 2nd rotation I believe on balancing equations and nomenclature. (Take good notes.)

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