Monday, October 19th

Hello North House!

Today after the usual SSR, we discussed the current status of our North House Basket. I would personally like to say that it is coming out great. A big thanks to everyone who has donated and put the basket together. If you have not donated yet, it is not too late, donations will be accepted until Wednesday the 21st. We also began the planning of our Halloween door decorations.

After finishing up some of the planning we went straight to work on our Building a School unit. During this time, our reading test , writing test, and writing prompt results were passed back to us.

While the results were being passed around, Mrs. Edwards explained to us that we will be allowed to set up meetings with her during class from now until November 2nd. Note: She will only accept 4 meetings per block. During these meetings we will be able to discuss with her anything from blog assignments to our current unit.

Final Statements About The Rest of The Week:

We will have a 4-core rotation on Friday.

Wednesday is the College Fair.


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