October 12 2015 -Janina G

Hey North House! ^-^

Happy Monday everyone today is October 12 2015 and it was an eventful day.

~Our schedule~

-Today like always we started out with 20 mins of SSR
-Edwards gave a few reminders
1. PAMPER ME BASKET for the silent auction brought to you by PTSA. It would really help if people could bring items like: Candies, bath soaps, it could be dollar stuff or donating a dollar would help a lot ^-^ *Remember PTSA helps with donating money so we could go on more field trips !!*
2. Due to our schedule we are going to have to hold on Harkness, so if there was anything you wanted to remember from component #2 be sure to write it down and speak about it during Harkness.

– After announcements Ms. Edwards turned out the lights leaving us all confused on what was going on …. She then said she was going to show us 3 videos (no not Sharknado, Andre) all three videos were poking fun at our public school system and how they teach us “useless” facts.
– After watching these videos Edwards was proud to present the unit “BUILD A BETTER SCHOOL”
-To start this unit we all choose our own groups, 6 groups in total (some groups are choosing to partner up with other students in different houses however Edwards believes it is called for potential stress but still allowed). This project focuses on groups aiming to build a prefect school teaching system. An idea off “The Super School Project” by the widow of Steve Jobs. However if Edwards deems your groups super school to be worthy you can actually submit your proposal to the contest and win the school a generous donation!! As of now each group was given a packet with questions we aim to answer so good luck to everyone! Due: Nov. 9th  2015

Due NEXT Friday because it is 3 articles and Edwards wants us to actually think about what we read and use critical thinking. *However do not procrastinate *
•Work on Project “Build a Better School”

* Apologies for the late delay I just got home from ROP* 🙂 -Janina G


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