October 5, 2015 James K.

Good afternoon North House!

Today in English for our first rotation of the week, we started the first twenty minutes of the block doing SSR.  Then after SSR, Mrs. Edwards had to pick new scribes for the month of October and for the first week of October I’ll be your scribe. After choosing scribes, Mrs. Edwards collected our Menus with the Writing Menu rubric attached to it. Then we had to do a Meta cognition entry which is the 6th entry in our English notebook which had took us about 20 minutes to do. Then after we discussed our entry in our notebook, Mrs. Edwards had given us a presentation on EPT/ EAP. She was telling us how we are going to get ready for this English placement test and why Blog Assignments are good to do because they are actually helping us get ready for this test. To conclude today we reviewed and discussed the new blog assignment format.

Don’t forget to do Blog Assignment #6 due on Friday by 8pm



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