October 2, 2015 Chanel O.

Hello North House!

Today we had 2 hours of house time with Mrs. Edwards. At the beginning of house, Chris and I made ASB announcements, which I will remind you all of at the bottom of this post. We brought up the Halloween Door Decorating competition. Mrs. Edwards then began to elaborate on how she organizes the class in committees to ensure full class participation. For competitions there are 3 committees: Decoration, Materials, and Clean Up. The decoration committee plans, designs, and decorates our doors and windows. The materials committee provides the actual supplies. The clean up committee is in charge of taking everything down so our decorations aren’t up for a long period of time after the competition. The same goes for house parties. One committee provides food. Another committee provides the eating utensils such as napkins, plates, forks, etc. Then the last committee is clean up. They are in charge of bringing trash bags, disposing our class’ trash after a party, and wiping down the tables. She concluded that these committees help our class to be more unified, organized, and how things get done. We then got some volunteers for the decoration committee. If you are interested and didn’t raise your hand or I didn’t catch your name, please let me know!

(Decoration Committee Members: McKenna, Fernando, Janina, Rocky, Citlalli, Luke, Andre, Elisabeth, Jennifer, Samara.)

Chris and I then explained Junior Prom Pay Off. Junior Prom Pay Off is a way for us to start fundraising for our Senior Prom. We don’t want to be trying to sell 3 boxes of chocolate each in a short amount of time just to pay for our prom. We also want a really nice venue and pretty decorations for our prom right? We need funds for that. So basically what we’re trying to do is to start funding for money now. This will lessen our fundraising towards prom next year, lower the price of prom tickets, and ensure a great night to remember. We’re asking for a minimum $15 donation every other month. If you begin your payments now, you’ll have your prom ticket paid off by the beginning of next year. Prom tickets are $100. By starting to make payments now, you’re giving our class some insurance and guarantee for a really great prom next year. If you have anymore questions, you can ask Chris or myself. We will begin collecting money at Club Fair on October 6th.

After these announcements, Mrs. Edwards gave us the option to use the rest of our time to work with our science component groups or our writing menu groups. We chose our science component groups. Mrs. Edwards also mentioned that our field trip to a museum is official. It will happen during second semester and it will be to the Norton Simon Museum. Our buses will be paid for by Mrs. Flores! We need to thank her when we get a chance to because now we don’t need to worry about getting transportation funds! 🙂

Before we broke off, Mrs. Edwards collected our permission slips for the College Fair field trip (an easy 10 points!) and Sage collected our math memes to turn into Hedman.

Remember for our writing menu Mrs. Edwards expects creative and colorful menus with clever titles! Tips are here on the main blog in the Handouts section under “Writing Menu Unit.” Any extra bits on your menu are potential AE bits!


-Blog #5 Due TODAY @ 8pm!

-Turn in permission slips if you haven’t already!

-Writing menu due Monday.

-Khan Academy due Sunday by midnight.

-Z-scores worksheet due Monday.

-Pang’s Density and Chapter 5 Review packet due Monday.

-Density and Chapter 5 Test is also Monday.


Christian Club’s first annual meeting is on Monday during lunch in Mrs. Thinnes’ room.

Concert Night is moved to Wednesday, October 7th from 3:30-5:00 pm! If you are musically talented in any way, sign up with Chris or myself! We have no North House representatives. 😦

Club Fair or “club rush” will be on Tuesday, October 6th, during lunch. There will be a taco truck! You can pre-order your tacos for $1. ASB will be taking orders during lunch in front of the ASB room. The last day to pre-order is October 5th. If you purchase tacos the day of Club Fair the price will be raised to $1.50! So pre-order your tacos and enjoy them while you check out all the clubs IPoly has to offer! The ASB junior team will be selling Kraft Mac and Cheese bowls, Honey Buns, and Rice Krispy Treats so watch out for those! We will also begin collecting any Junior Prom Pay Off payments that day as well!

Have a wonderful weekend North House!


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