October 1, 2015 Chanel O.


For the third rotation of English class we began with SSR. After 20 minutes of reading Mrs. Edwards wrote down our page numbers. Just like the last two rotations Mrs. Edwards gave us a block to work on our writing menus. But before she let us go, she turned our attention to our schedule for the next two weeks following this upcoming week that was written on her whiteboard. She then proceeded to explain our busy schedule as I am going to do next.


So on the week of October 12th, we are going to take the PSAT on that Wednesday, October 14th. As a result, we will be missing a rotation. That Friday, October 16th, we are going to have 4-core rotation and will be viewing our own house’s science component documentaries. The week after, the week of October 19th, we are going to a College Fair near the Claremont Village on Wednesday, October 21st. We will arrive back in time for one block. During that block we will have a Harkness discussion on Pang’s science component. Since we will be losing a rotation during this week as well, we will have 4-core rotation that Friday, October 23.

Mrs. Edwards was then going to pass out our permission slips for the College Fair field trip. She first announced that if we turn our slips in by TOMORROW, she will award us with 10 points. The later you wait, the less points you will receive. If you don’t turn it in by the day of the field trip then you will not be able to go. Before Mrs. Edwards could pass out the permission slips our class went into a frenzy about not being able to go on cool field trips like the freshmen and sophomores. She then explained that we need a lot of funding for buses which cost about $400 each and a supplement of money for students who aren’t able to pay for a “cool” field trip. If we proposed an educational field trip that tied into our component and a plan for funding we could make this happen. This is a link for science related places and here are some other random places that have free admission to give you guys some ideas for our “cool” field trip.

After settling down about going on a field trip, Mrs. Edwards finally got to pass out our permission slips. She also told us that we have her for 2 hours of house tomorrow. Mr. Pang suggested we get all our lab report writing out of the way during this time. Lastly, Mrs. Edwards reminded us about the due date of our menu. She expects creative and colorful menus with clever titles! Tips are here on the main blog in the Handouts section under “Writing Menu Unit.” Remember, any extra bits on your menu are potential AE bits!

We then had the remainder of the block to work on our writing menus.


-Blog #5 due TOMORROW by 8pm!

-Writing Menu due Monday.

-Turn in College Fair field trip permission slips TOMORROW for 10 points!

-Khan Academy due Sunday by midnight.

-Math Meme due TOMORROW.

-Z-scores worksheet due Monday.

-Pang’s Density and Chapter 5 Review packet due Monday.

-Density and Chapter 5 Test is also Monday.


Christian Club’s first annual meeting is on Monday during lunch in Mrs. Thinnes’ room.

Concert Night is moved to October 7th from 3:30-5:00 pm! If you are musically talented in any way, sign up with Chris or myself!

Club Fair or “club rush” will be on October 6th, during lunch. There will be a taco truck! You can pre-order your tacos for $1. ASB will be taking orders during lunch in front of the ASB room. The last day to pre-order is October 5th. If you purchase tacos the day of Club Fair the price will be raised to $1.50! So pre-order your tacos and enjoy them while you check out all the clubs IPoly has to offer!


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