September 28, 2015 Chanel O.

Hello North House! I will be your scribe for this week. 🙂

As usual our class started off with SSR. After 20 minutes of reading, Mrs. Edwards wrote down our page numbers. Then she gave us the rest of the block to work on our writing menu. Before Mrs. Edwards let us go she reminded us that she shared links with helpful tips to create aesthetically pleasing and creative writing menus. You can find those links on the main blog in the Handouts section under “Writing Menu Unit.”


-Blog #5 due Friday by 8pm!

-Khan Academy due Sunday by midnight.

-Math Meme due Friday.

-Pang’s Density I packet due Wednesday.

*Don’t forget to ask your parent’s permission about watching the film in Nav’s tomorrow!*


The Blood Drive is this Wednesday, 9/30!

Diversity Club’s first annual meeting is tomorrow at lunch in Mr. Piggott’s class, Room 1043. Free food (pizza) and drinks to all attendees! Stop by and see what Diversity Club is all about!

Concert Night is moved to October 7th from 3:30-5:00 pm! If you are musically talented in any way, sign up with Chris or myself!

The Junior ASB team will be selling Honey Buns and Rice Krispy Treats for $1 each this Wednesday in the morning and during passing period.

Club Fair or “club rush” will be on October 6th, during lunch. There will be tacos for $1 each! Hang out and check out all the clubs IPoly has to offer!


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